Sunday, 7 September 2014

First time for everything

It's good to know that life can still surprise you, isn't it?

Mostly, I find I trundle through my existence along fairly well-worn tracks. And that's fine with me, although I appreciate that the risk-taking bravehearts among you will cringe at the very thought.

But now and again, it's therapeutic to be given a little shake by the universe, to be reminded that there's a first time for everything, whatever one's age.
Jo and I made a welcome return to Chesterfield flea market last week, after a six week hiatus over the summer holidays. It was so good to be back; not that I bought much, I am trying very, very hard to donate/sell at the moment, not to accumulate more.

But one little vintage pattern (from 1964 - the same age as me) can't hurt, can it?

I have to confess, I don't love this outfit, and I was giving the dress a final road test to decide whether to keep or sell it. It's a 1960s Jersey Masters silver lurex/wool knit maxi dress which has a pretty sparkle to it, but from a distance it just looks grey, and I feel drab in it.

See? Lovely up close (there is a matching tie-front cardigan too) but I don't wear it enough to justify keeping it, so I think the set is destined for Ebay.

Anyway, there I was minding my own business and browsing though some vintage sewing patterns at the market, when a man approached me and said you're Clarice, aren't you?
Err - no.
He seemed convinced he knew me; I was equally convinced he didn't, and that he had mistaken me for someone else. Then I told him my name, and he said you write that past caring blog, don't you?
We had a bit of a chat about photos, the market, the blog, then he wished me well, and went on his way. An older lady standing alongside me looking at patterns witnessed the whole exchange; she chuckled and said you've been spotted. Mind you - no offence, love, but with that red hair, no one can miss you.
I am still laughing to myself over this whole incident; how funny to be feeling rather lacklustre and looking dull and inconspicious (or so I thought), only to be recognised by a complete stranger for the first time. Now I know how Vix feels!


This is rather more my usual style - and I might even sneak in to join Judith's Hat Attack with my hair flower. Better late than never! 
Another unlikely occurrence which has put a spring in my step, and made me aware I should never say never, is being a cover girl. I know - whoever would have thought?

Now that isn't something which happens every day, is it? Or indeed ever. But it has now, thanks to Melanie, who chose darling Clementine to be on the cover of the latest edition of Vogoff.

The poor love could do with some better luck, she's had quite a fall from grace, and has resorted to parading in her scanties to make ends meet.

It could happen to the best of us...

1960-70s maxi dress and Indian tooled leather bag - vintage fairs
Bangles, flower and necklace - charity shopped
 So even though life can seem predictable, comfortable, (oh all right, maybe a little pedestrian at times), I'm happy to find there is room for the unexpected and first times. 

I'll be joining in with Patti's Visible Monday gathering as usual, where there are cover girls galore - see you there!



Patti said...

You've been spotted! How cool is that (never mind the little name mix-up). Love the pattern you found, and your maxis, and that tooled leather bag. And I must say, Clementine is fantastically HOT! xox

mondoagogo said...

Clarice is obviously Clementine's dowdier long lost twin sister. Obviously.

mondoagogo said...

Um, not that I think you're dowdy! Just that you mentioned feeling drab in that dress.

diaryofapennypincher said...

Ooh, I see what you mean about the lurex dress, so pretty close up but just... not something Clementine would ever be seen in, that's for sure!

Vix said...

How exciting, being spotted on the market and with those raunchy Vogoff photos you can forgive the poor bloke for getting in a bit of a tizzy over your name. Phwoar!
The silver lurex dress is beautiful on you but if you ain't feeling it all the compliments in the world won't help.
The fab folksy maxi is totally you, colourful with the Curtise trademark angel sleeves. That's the Sheffield bag, isn't it?
Same thing happened with me yesterday, chatted to a very unassuming man and his wife for ages yesterday when he suddenly hit me with "I read your blog every wek" to which his bemused wife replied "What's a blog?" cue awkward silence.
Lets see that wonderful new pattern knocked up and worn soon!
Love you. xxxxx

Asparagus Pea said...

1964 - a very special vintage. I'm screeching towards the big 50 - have some fabularseness planned in Barcelona x

Fran said...

Oh my, the trials of celebrity status. You always find such lovely bangles.

señora Allnut said...

dear lady, so amazing that you've been recognized by a strange and could have a chat with him!, that's the kind of things that make blogging so Funny!!
Actually, you're a Star, a Vogoff cover!, so Fabulous!!
And your grey dress has a really interesting texture, but I understand you're not happy with it!. I like grey, but I know it's not appealing to everybody!
Love your colorful maxi, its pretty print and its fabulous sleeves, and all the beautiful bijouterie!

Kasia Poni said...

super you.....I like blog

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Soon you will be needing security when you are out trolling the thrift stores to keep you admiring fans at bay. And also since of course you are the HOTTIE cover girl.

The fact that it was a gentleman that stopped you is even more interesting! I wonder, does he read lots of women's blogs focusing on thrift store purchases?

I love you in the coloured frock but you and I are very similar for that, I'll always choose colour any day over a solid.


Mother of Reinvention said...

Cor, Clementine is a bit of a hottie isn't she? Pity about your lurex dress. It is awesome close up but it does look a little subdued compared to your usual vivid, beautiful choices. Looking fab as always. How cool that you fame is spreading. Your blog is fantastic. Xxxx

Elizabeth Rebecca said...

I love your clothes, as always, particularly the range of blues you've been wearing.

Lizzie's Daily Blog

Anonymous said...

Hello Clarice!! You know, that was the name of the detective in the horror movie, Hannibal and Silence of the Lambs. That's what I thought of first. Or perhaps the man recognized you for the post you were wearing your labia bellbottom pants! ;0

I ran in to a blogger from the past here today right down the street. She no longer blogs but there she was with her little 2 year old. What a connection we all make.

That leather purse is to die for, but what really is knocking me over here is your BODY! Wowza!

Kezzie said...

Ha, spotted!!! I loved that article in VOGOFF!!! You look hot in your scanties!
I bought a dress on ebay a while back and as I bought it (vintage floral 70's maxi), I was definitely thinking this is a Curtise dress and wishing I could look like you do in a maxi. But the wretched thing comes mid-calf on me- SO annoying, why are vintage maxis SO short on me- how tall are you??
Looking gorgeous in your dress, esp the second one- the first one is nice but it's a bit bland for what I have seen of yOU!x

Connie said...

Well of course. I do believe that you are destined for universal fame.

Laurie Duncan said...

I know how some colors just make a person feel blah! I'm the same way, I can't wear gray or beige unless there is a lot of color mixed in. But at least your hair balanced it out right! Love the striped dress! :)

beate grigutsch said...

fabulous! now you are a celebrity! ;-)
i know what you mean with the silver dress. sometimes you love the "idea" of a garment but in real life it does´t work.....

freckleface said...

Clementine, Clarice and Curtise. All fabulous and interesting names. I get Tracy or Tina. Not nearly as exotic. I too am fascinated to hear of random male readers. How did it feel to meet a complete stranger who is a fan? It's wonderful to have new things happen. I actually rather love the woolen dress on you, but it's how it makes you feel that counts and actually it is good to have a clear out sometimes. Cor bloomin Curtise! Look at you! Every inch a cover girl. Maybe you just needed to be reminded. Xxxxxxx

Sarah Jane said...

Well hello Clarice. Ha ha, fab that you got spotted. Bet that felt weird but nice and in the same week that you grace your first magazine cover. Changing things up is great every now and then and recognition is good too xxx

Melanie said...

I just know that you have been spotted from your blog before now but your fans have been too shy to talk to you. At last, a brave soul! YAY! Yes, your red hair is awesome and of course attracts admiring looks. Your maxis are gorgeous in this post. Too bad it's bye-bye lurexy one.

And you are a fantastic cover girl. I love the mysterious expression, the stuff of spy magazines. Thanks sooo much for joining VOGOFF. Your piece is brilliant. Miz Bagg has asked me to invite Clemmie to her yacht in the Amazon to help her and iqi design a new fall/winter line. I hope you can make it!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Well it's official ... you're a celebrity ... and about time too :0)

Goody said...

Clarice, eh? That's just super being spotted, and those racy photos-of course he remembered you! I keep waiting for someone to enthusiastically flip me off, but so far that hasn't happened.

That is such a lovely dress, but yeah it needs something and figuring out what would be more effort than it is worth.

I'm no sewing expert, but that dress pattern is screaming to be made in some sort of heavy silk. Maybe some nice 50's curtains can be refashioned.

Tami Von Zalez said...

Cover Girl Clementine and the "C" story - classic!

A retro pattern, a gal after my own heart ... I've been posting those scanned images too.

Popped by from VM.

Shawna McComber said...

Clarice? Well I guess it could have been worse. I laughed because when you said the sliver dress wasn't really doing it for you my first thought was that is because your face is too vivid for it. Well that's not quite the right way to say it as it is a lovely face and vivid suits you. The dress is too pale for your vividosity. It might work in a slate or charcoal grey with lots of bling but not that pale. The second outfit is definitely you and much better.

I am fairly certain that the only local people reading my blog are my mum and my two friends so I am not expecting to be accosted any time soon. If I were it would be..
"aren't you that mousy person who writes that vague and rambling blog?" LOL

Now I know two celebrity bloggers! You and Vix!

Helga said...

Clarice!!!! Bahahaaaaaa!
Better to be looked over than over looked, that's for sure! It IS a weird feeling to be recognised.
Lurex does NOT photograph well. Suich a shame, it's a lovely frock,the shape is awesome, but yeah, it does look gray and a bit drab. Love it with that DJ. I need a little one like that!
Ha, I'm trying to scale down a bit, nothing too drastic, but whenever I try to, there is always SOMETHING I MUST HAVE........dammit! I did do a successful shoe purge, however. Got rid of about 10 pairs and have only bought 3 since. That's pretty good for me! The frock pattern is just lovely, and it's small and light....
Love you ALWAYS in that second frock. One of my faves. I;d kill for one like it!

Helga said...

O, and you were MAGNIFICENT in Vogoff, my darling! I;d love to tuck a few bucks into yer garter! XXX

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Superstar status!!! Vogoff cover!!! Tell all those betches you won't even get out of bed for less the 10 Gs a day now! I love the entire second look and I see what you mean about the first dress---I don't know if the sparkle factor is enough. If you don't love it, sell it!

Sheila said...

Congrats on your cover! You are magnificent and wondrous!

I've been recognized about 4-5 times, and it's always really weird for me.

MIS PAPELICOS Sacramento said...

I love all your dresses, but the angel slees of the last one are soooooooooooooo me.
Tons of love, dear friend

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Curtise,

Well, there is so much to consider here, now where do we start?

First, the lurex dress is simply the biggest lack lustre garment we have seen you wearing. Why so much sparkle should simply disappear is odd but disappear it does. No, this one has to go......better to dance under a glitter ball in anything else that we have seen you in!

Second, we had no idea what Vogoff was or is and so had to investigate. How revealing! In a world of bland journalism, Vogoff certainly has the edge. Such a wildly creative idea, and your article is such fun!

We have long thought that serendipity is one of life's greatest joys. Connections made out of the blue, compliments from strangers and surprises from the least expected places are what make living special. From blogger to pin up girl in a hop skip and jump.......well done you!

peaches mcginty said...

You are a fabulous Covergirl!! which is so bloody cool, obviously you are a star now and will be recognised constantly!! isn't Clementine a saucy minx, what a hottie!
the grey lurex is dreamy but if you are not feeling it, it must go (like it's that easy! I'm a dithering mess getting rid of things!) your maxi is gorgeous btw and good luck with the donations and sales, I need a clear out too (which means in about 6 months I may get round to it) x x x

Fiona said...

Oh I say, DING DONG! Is it any wonder blokes on the market are recognizing you when you are so goddamned hot. Well done for making the cover of Vogoff, you'll be asked for autographs next! I have an auntie named Clarice and think it's a beautiful name, she is 93 and sharp as a tack. CAn see why you couldn't leave that lovely pattern behind. As for the lurex dress, although pretty and sparkly it doesn't seem vibrant enough for superstar you.

Fiona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Oh Clarice, what a spectacular pic of you lying on the bed! No wonder you get blokes stopping you in the street. I thought we were all females, us bloggers and readers.
I cannot wait to see the dress you make from the pattern. It looks so ladylike and flattering.
I agree about the silver knit. You have far better in your wardrobe.
Come on, get your sewing machine out! I have a similar pattern somewhere. I'll see how yours goes first... xxxx

Krista Gassib said...

I would trip out meeting a dude who reads my blog, what was he like? How did he find ya? Your infamous now:). I think that's way cool and I'm sure he thought you were as expected, wonderful quick wit and a beauty inside and out!
I love the second dress, it's so you and kinda folksy looking, the bag though is bad ass, love the colors!
I think your smoking hot photo from VO needs to be made poster size and hung in the house! You are gorgeous and that was one of my favorite photos of the whole lot!

Krista Gassib said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
pao said...

First off, great cover girl for Vogoff. And Clementine is one saucy chick. hot hot hot. No wonder your man fan mussed up your name(s). But about the silver grey dress. What about dying it a bright beautiful color or doing an ombre effect? Certainly nothing to lose there. It fits so well and the texture is great. Just saying.

Kylie said...

God you look like such a sultry sexpot in those photos Curtise - I can only dream of pulling "scanties" (nothing scant about my undies btw I like 'em big with good coverage. I could never wear a g-string for e.g. The string bit would drive me crazy!) of like Clementine did (does)
A woman behind the counter in a fancy shop recognized me once (from my blog) I couldn't think of anything interesting to say - I think I was a huge disappointment.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Clarice, Curtise, it was the sentiment that mattered, as you obviously made an impression on him. When people stop me on the street here, they usually refer to me as that "Fashionista" woman.

I agree, the silver dress is toooo blah for you. The second outfit is definitely the Curtise we know and love, and even your face is much brighter in the striped dress.

I loved your Vogoff contribution - you should be a leg model!

The Style Crone said...

Your fame is spreading wildly! Many have spotted your beauty, humor and kindness. Congratulations on Vogoff. The cover is where you belong.

Thank you for sharing your hair flower on Hat Attack. I was very happy to see you!

The Style Crone said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Style Crone said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
All Made Up said...

unlike you I really love the first outfit! The dress is beautiful and the shape really suits you. How awesome that you were "spotted" must've been super weird but kinda awesome :) As a genera rule I'm not too keen on '70s style patterns but the shape and colours of the second dress make it lovely ♥

Natalia Lialina said...

It seems he was a nice dude, and the whole experience was pleasant. I'm surprised that it was your first time! You are not just a seasoned blogger, but also a VERY VERY VISIBLE ONE! :) Red hair, tall, great figure, brightly colored vintage outfits - it's hard to imagine that nobody spotted you before. :)

Your silver dress is a beauty, but I know what you mean. The colored dress is great! And your feature in VOGOFF was brilliant. Such a sexy gal that Clementine! You'd be a wonderful actress, Curtise!

Love xxx

Sue said...

That pattern was a score, cannot wait to see it made up and on you now! Your Cover girl gig and story in Vogoff is brilliant, very sexy fishnet photo of you. Does your man like that one??

Winter Moon said...

Wow! Loving the Clementine pics!

Fancy getting spotted! Bloody brilliant :)

I think the sparkly dress looks great on you. Perhaps it just needs something a little brighter added to it (scarf/belt) to make it more you. But I'm the same, if something makes me feel crap when I wear it, I stick it on Ebay and hope for the best xx

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Well ... YEAH! Love the silver, and it's still a great dress even if we all think it's gray.
That photograph is just freaking it.
You should be proud of yourself in ways that you'd never admit to anyone but your own tickled, fabulously sexy and vampy self!
Congrats on being spotted! Can this week be any better for your self-esteem? Just lovely!

Caroline said...

Well I love that dress, maybe it just needs a different jacket?

clementine is looking foxy. We need more of us over forties showing off a bit of flesh.

Caroline said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Caroline said...
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Trees said...

If you don't love it 100% its time to say goodbye - I guess you could say that of nearly everything! Being recognised - what a blog super star (even if the name wasn't quite right!)