Friday, 9 May 2014

Thinking pink

I've been impatient to wear my purchases from last Saturday's blogger meet-up in Sheffield, so today I did just that.

I hadn't really imagined them together, but why not?


I will always think of this cotton velvet jacket as my Krista jacket; and the vintage tapestry bag, a gift from Gisela, has rapidly become one of my favourites. 

 I'm a little in love with this dress too, it couldn't fit me any better if it tried.
And while we are on the subject of vintage maxi dresses and pink, look what I found in a charity shop this week;

the sweetest late 1960s-early 1970s Dollyrockers maxi.
Look at that gorgeous smocking.
Nope, doesn't fit.
One day, I will find a Dollyrockers dress which I can actually wear; this one must away to Ebay.
This beautiful silk scarf cost just £1 from the flea market. 
I've no idea what age it is (I'm guessing it is 1950-60s) but it is really lovely, with different Chinese or Japanese figures and scenes all over it.

And it's also pink!

Velvet jacket - vintage shop
1970s chiffon maxi dress - vintage fair
1970s tapestry bag - gift from Gisela
Bangles - charity shopped
Ankle boots -Ebay

Linking to Sacramento's Share-in-Style; the theme is Pink.

In fact, it has been a week of finding all sorts of random bits and bobs in charity shops and at the flea market, things which caught my eye, but cost next to nothing.

1970s pig-shaped pomander, and unused 1970s tea towels.
The Infants' Magazine annual from 1903.

Lots of wonderful illustrations, including some by Louis Wain.

I love Louis Wain cats.

Who remembers Fab 208? It was the official magazine of Radio Luxembourg.


And this might be my favourite;

Was there ever a kids' TV show quite as sweetly psychedelic as The Herbs?
It was first broadcast in 1968, and I did indeed watch it with my mother before I started school that year.

All those memories, for a mere 50p!

The annuals, this dress, and the Dollyrockers pink beauty, could all be around the same age. 

A neat coincidence, I like that. 

 I'm off to a jumble sale and a friend's birthday barbeque tomorrow, I'm hoping for treasure and no rain, but will of course enjoy the rummaging and chat whatever the weather!

Have a great weekend.



Autumn said...

That is a fantastic spotted dress.
Great finds!

Vix said...

That spotty dress, the Krista jacket and Gisela's bag look gorgeous together, you were on fire on Saturday with your purchases! That dress is very Flamenco-tastic, you need castanets!
Love that Dollyrockers, the shirring is gorgeous. I don't think Samuel Sherman was a fan of boobs as they tend to be designed for the pancake chested!
Loved Fab 208, it always had Leif Garrett in it and The Herbs and Louis Wain - jealous!
Wish it was this time last week! Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kezzie said...

ooooooh, am drooling at your dress and jacket! So nice, so pretty, so you!!!! x

Caroline said...

I bloody loved The Herbs. I had a Parsley the lion book when I was small.

I forgot about pomanders. They used to be everywhere didn't they?

Winter Moon said...

Oh! I have so much love for this post!

Firstly, that dress is absolutely gorgeous, it suits you perfectly and is definitely something I'd wear.

Next - Louis Wain, he's one of my favourite artists and those illustrations are droolworthy!

The jacket you bought at Sheffield looks great on you and I love everything else aswell :)

Have a wonderful weekend xx

Caramella said...

The dress is gorgeous and it looks fabulous on you! You found such wonderful things! I would love to go to a jumble sale! Have fun at your friend's party.

Shawna McComber said...

Ooooh! I love this outfit! The pink and black together are fabulous! I think I say that word a lot but it's your fault.

What fun vintage images! I remember having a pink and white pomander but not a pig. I would love a pig.

Ripple Dandelion said...

It's all so good! That black and white spot dress makes you look about eight feet tall (in a good way!).

And...drumroll, first name is Virginia. I don't mean to be cagey about that at all, I just always get so confused when establishing user names and such and don't know what to pick.


Connie said...

This is quite the psychedelic post! Was there really a kids' show called the Herbs? Fantastic! Louis Wain Cats are the Best Crazy Cats. And there is Curtise looking all 70's statuesque and gorgeous in her mind-blowing mini polka dot maxi. Groovy Baby!

Natalia Lialina said...

You created such a brilliant ensemble out of your new friends... I meant finds! The dress fits you perfectly - like it was made for you, just beautiful!! I'd love to have a purse like this one myself, it's a cutie, well done Gisela!

I am not familiar with the magazines and TV shows you mention here, but cats made me smile, and I loved the illustrations for The Herbs!

Have a happy hunt and great chat with friends, my dear Curtise! Hugses and love!

Goody said...

Those cats are hilarious (The poor kitty being socked in the eye by his slipping friend is killing me).

The pattern mixing works so well with the dress, jacket and skirt. When I try that I look like my husband dressed me (we decided early on that he wasn't to dress our child because we didn't want him to look like a hobo).

Have a great weekend.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Such good scores! You look so freakin' incredible in that maxi dress!!!!! I love it :)

Patti said...

So much to love. The Moody Blues as children! The DollyRockers dress is superb, and the kitty prints, and of course your dotted frock. xox

Helga said...

Farking HELL I love that frock!!! And of COURSE it goes with your Krista jacket!!! Like a match made in heaven!
I am also DRIBBLING over that tapestry bag Gisela gave you.....if it goes missing it's because I used my newly acquired matter transference skills.....GRRR!
The Dolly rockers frock is such a find, and such a shame it doesn't fit you! Bugger! This happens to me all too often, only not the finding awesome 60's labels such as that. the not fitting I mean. My girls have a lot to answer for. She, Ms Dollyrocker, will find a splendid home, I am sure!
Fragonard! That is one of my favouritist artworks EVER! I frequently picture myself as the lass on the swing. maybe it was actually me that posed for it in a past life?! Bahaha!
I have heard of Radio Luxembourg, but NOT Fab 208!!! I have been missing out, dammit. Those illustrations are divoon!
I tried some opshopping yesterday, but all I found was a 70's enamel pot...
Loving YOU!

Trees said...

You kind of lost me at the ice skating cats....anyways I LOVE that frock on you, no one can rock a maxi quite like you! I love that dolly rockers frock too - just beautiful. I have a weird relationship with pink - I DO like it, but then sometimes I feel weird about wearing it, because of all the gender stereotyping associated with girls wearing pink! I would never buy/make anything pink for my niece. It's kind of weird, and also annoying - why can't colours just be colours? Anyway once more - your dress rules!

Kelly Roy said...

Long dresses fit you perfectly bacause you are nicely tall.The pink loved accessories fit nicelly ,too.And what you brought home feels my heart with sweet nostalgia.Not because I'm that familiar with your culture but because I would have felt the same if I found things from my own childhood!

Penny-Rose said...

Oh Curtise, the dress is magnificent. It was made to go with the pink jacket and the bag. Divine. I did not know about the iceskating cats and the illustrator but it is the the Herbs I love best, especially the lion.

Angels have Red Hair said...

This dress is the best ... I love it ... and it suits you perfectly.
The smocking detail on that Dollyrockers dress is just beautiful ... as are the colours ... what a shame it doesn't fit. Smocking might just be the next skill I need to teach myself ... right ... off to google to find out how.

Jane said...

You have reminded me that I am long overdue a good charity shop crawl.
That shade of pink is perfect for you and sets off the black polka dot dress perfectly.

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

I remember the herbs! It was Parsley the Lion wasn't it? And didn't he have his own guitar riff? Perhaps it was a harp...

Your tapestry bag is so lovely. Have a great time at the jumble sale! xxxx

Mother of Reinvention said...

Do look amazing in the polka dots. I love that dress and, given half a chance would spirit away your jacket and your handbag, Love the ice-skating cats and what to sew when. I should look forward to Autumn then. Your shopping haul is drool-worthy. We only get bobbly Primark stuff up here most of the time. xxxx

Olga Rani said...

What great finds! The dress and the pink jacket are as if made specially for you. And that 1903 magazine with all the fabulous illustrations! Finally, the Japanese scenes scarf, what an amazing thing. I am envious.

Imogen said...

Both pink and polka dots are favourites of mine. So I really love this combination.

silvergirl said...

Loving that jacket and that bag
Pink = Fabulous

peaches mcginty said...

I saw that dress! it's gorgeous on you and perfect with Gisella's bag and your Krista jacket, it's a shame about the Dollyrockers dress, it's a beauty with no boob room at all bah! Dave had the Herbs book! I can remember (very,very vaguely) Parsley, but Dill the dog? no clue at all! still, I love the skating cats, brilliant! I hope you got a haul of awesome-ness at the jumble sale and have fun at the barbeque (I'm getting ready for Eurovision!) x x x

Anonymous said...

Your new pieces look just beautiful together. I'm not a great lover of pink (though I do wear it occasionally), but it certainly suits you, Curtise! OMG, having a big green eyed moment re that herbs annual, they were awesome!

Laurie Duncan said...

Love your polka dot dress! Too bad about the smocked dress, it's too cute!
I think I would have loved "the Herbs", my kind of show! :)

Coco said...

I think this ensemble is great! That dress is gorgeous btw!
Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

Mrs Bertimus said...

I bet your wardrobe is just amazing...and your book shelf! X

Sue said...

You know how much I lust after polka dots so it will be no surprise that I find that dress absolutely fabulous. Stink about the other one not fitting, it is so sweet. Next time maybe. You look fantastic in your spot and pink!!

Asparagus Pea said...

Mr Asparagus Pea has his 'Bumper Book of Welshness' from when he was a child. In the bit where you fill in stuff about yourself he has listed his favourite hobby as 'burying things'. Should I be worried #futurepsycopathsofwales

Fiona said...

Polkalicious! That frock was made for you... and looks superb with your 'Krista' jacket! (also a fab fit) Yes, I remember Fab 208 and The Herbs 'I'm Dill the dog, I'm a dog called Dill' was rather excitable as I remember.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Never had "The Herbs" over here - you Brits have very strange children's shows (Teletubbies!!!).

That dress is the Cat's Meow! It fits you perfectly and is so pretty (and it may be one of the few black pieces of clothing I've seen you in!) The Krista jacket looks great with it. The print on the silk scarf is soooocoool. I just had my hair coloured last week and it is dark pink and orange, so I'm all about that colour combo at the moment.

beate grigutsch said...

that dotted dress is sooo beautiful on you! bag and jacked are perfect accents.
radio luxembourg was for a long time the only possibility to listen to international pop music for us behind the iron curtain....

Miss Magpie said...

I was obsessed with The Herbs and Bagpuss when I was little, I can still sing all the songs!

Your outfit looks fab. x

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Curtise,

You must all know each other so well. Surely, you could not have chosen better gifts for yourself than these. We love the tapestry handbag particularly. With its rainbow of colours, it can accessorise with almost anything and it looks to be beautifully made.

Rosy said...

You look absolutely adorable! Love that jacket pink velvet undoubtedly pink is the best color ever. I am literally drooling over my keyboard while reading your post acerda all these beautiful treasures you found.

Mrs. D said...

Oooh, such great finds! that polkadot dress fits like a glove!

Love the Louis Wain cats too, he was also a very interesting character


Sacramento Amate said...

Thank you soooooooooooooo much for being part of Share-in-Style.
Love and sunshine ALWAYS

Ariane Lasalle said...

Oh! great finds! I have looking at that type of dresses lately on Etsy - I love the pink Dollyrockers dress what a beauty, pink being one of my fav color ever!

I love when you show us the magazines you find, nothing like this around here for so cheap -

Have a great day


Lesley Extance said...

A wonderful look, I just love it !!! Best wishes x

Krista Gassib said...

I love all of these treasures worn together, but you are the greatest find off them all. THE KRISTA jacket how honored I am:) is gorgeous on you and both fit so perfectly. The dollyrockers dress is a knock out, think my girls could fit? I think you guys also have a stash of cool vintage books and magazines in your shops I never find any!

Peetee is home and on the mend, thank god! The next 4 weeks will be a pain but at least my boy is ok.
Thanks for all the love honey, I feel it in my bones:)
I love you!

freckleface said...

Oh my good giddy wotsit! You look utterly wonderful in that polka dress creation. You're right, it fits you to perfection and you look so tall and slim and really rather heavenly in it. You did well that day with your Krista jacket and your Gisela bag. And then fancy finding a dollyrockers dress! A super cute one by the look of it. All those buses have come at once haven't they? Funnily enough, I was scouring ebay for some vintage chinoiserie linen or barkcloth last night. I fancy it for a lampshade cover. Your scarf's a beaut. I just love that Herbs album. I've never seen them before, going to look them up and get a mini-addiction going! Xxxxxx

The Style Crone said...

Pink and polka dots. What could be more lovely for spring! Yes, the chiffon maxi fits you like a glove and I adore the silk vintage scarf. It's a treasure that would enhance any scarf lover's collection!

Ivy Black said...

Why does blogger stop me from leaving a comment with you? Is it a conspiracy. This one had better 'stick'....
Love the combo, you look lush and it works a treat. I do love that frock and the bag from Gisela is deliciious.
Pity about the Dollyrockers, but someone wll grab it.
I love the Herbs. I can remember sitting down to watch it like it was yesterday. I do believe that most people making children's programmes at in the Sixties/Seventies were properly off their tits on something. Look at Crystal Tips and Alistair! Lucky for us though. No wonder our generation is so fecking brlliant.
Radio Luxembourg...Steve Wright when he was funny.
Loves yer bits.

señora Allnut said...

fabulous jacket, the color and the shape look awesome!, and also lovely dress, so nice that it fits like a dream!, you look so gorgeous!
And you're rocking once more thrifting fabulous stuff!