Friday, 30 May 2014

All day and all of the night(dress)

This week has flown by; not that I have achieved much, it's been lazy and rainy and unproductive.

Oh well.

I did go out with the kids today wearing this 1970s nightie.

I love it, and no one seemed to bat an eye. Naturally, if they had, it wouldn't have mattered. If wearing a nightdress out and about is good enough for Vix and Goody...

...then it's good enough for me.

Last chance to Vote Vix in the National Vintage Awards, by the way; voting ends at midnight on May 31st. She's still in the lead with a 120 vote cushion - do we think that's enough? Not that I've been obsessively checking, you understand, just showing a reasonable interest in my friend's success.

And I know she's only little, but she'll kick this Campaign Manager's arse if she doesn't win.

I've started making a pair of flares, with help from Willow. 
Yeah, thank for that, cat.

I'm not convinced they're going to either fit or flatter, but I'll let you know.

Owen and Nina enjoyed our trip into town; Claudia had already headed off there with friends, and my offer to meet up was met with disdain and incredulity. I'd better get used to that, I suppose.

They wanted to know why I was taking a photo of this shop.

Fair question. 
This sex shop has been here for as long as I've lived in Sheffield (32 years), and my old university friends were reminiscing about going in there to buy a blow-up doll for a play. It's one of those details I had forgotten all about until they reminded me.

No one seems to know what happened to the doll afterwards...
I look so bloody stony-faced in every single photo today; I'm not in a bad mood, honest, I just cannot do the smiling-to-order thing. If you meet me In Real Life, I laugh all the time, really I do.

I dance a lot too. 
My kids would add that I sing constantly, and annoyingly.  They hiss Muuuum! People can hear you! at me when I sing in the street. Three guesses as to whether that stops me. Funnily enough, the singing appears to be more of a concern to them than the fact I am out in public in a nightdress.

1970s nightdress - gift from Emma Kate
Denim waistcoat, flowers and bangles - charity shopped
Sandals - retail (sale) 

I'll be taking my all-singing, all-dancing nightie and my hair flowers to Judith's Hat Attack and Patti's Visible Monday.

See, I can be organised. Sometimes.
Have a great weekend!



Caroline said...

I've voted for Vix aaaaagggggeeesss ago, not just because I want her to win but to save you from a beating.

The things that embarrass our children amaze me. I get told off for singing in public too.

I love that necklace, can I be first in line to re home it if you ever want rid?

Lally said...

I think wearing a nightie in public is perfectly acceptable especially if it's as great as this one!

Connie said...

I think we should all wear our pj's in public. Especially if we look as beautiful as you do. Yes, I used to get busted for singing in public but now that the kids are out of the house I dance and sing loudly All Of The Time. I'm afraid that one of these days the neighbors may intervene but until then I'm singing loud and proud. Curtise, thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog. Sometimes I feel so alone in this a lonely little petunia in an onion patch. XXXOOO

Kelly Roy said...

Did they have so fancy nighties before? Well, my kids seem frustrated when I sing or dance something like they are afraid I'll go crazy so they try to stop me all the time.

Northern mum down South said...

I would never have put this down for a nightie, looks lovely. Love the photos of Willow 'helping' you with your sewing project xx

Shawna McComber said...

Some nighties are just so gorgeous they must be worn all day! I love that deep blue on you. I am quite like you, in that I laugh and smile and sing all the time but have a really hard time smiling for my blog photos. I get so tired of smiling and taking photos and I think my recent troubles with blurry photos is that I'm already walking away by the time the camera goes off.

Your kids are so adorable!
Whoever kept the blow up doll clearly isn't admitting it!
Have a lovely weekend, Curtise.

Goody said...

Oh dear, it is a bona fide trend now. I like your gown-the sleeves are downright elegant. I like Vix's nightie couture as well.

I'm sure *someone* knows what happened to the blow up doll. Blow up dolls are definitely something that should never be bought used.

I've been known to do air guitar with the car windows down at stoplights, or stuck in traffic. Danny tries to hide in the back seat, but I can see him cringing in the rear-view mirror. I think that's worse than singing.

Debberoo said...

"No one seems to know what happened to the doll afterwards..." yeah right! ;)

Angels have Red Hair said...

How very risqué of you to wear your nightie out in public ... naughty but very nice ;0) ... I did see a woman at the supermarket in her flannelette pjs but somehow it didn't have the same effect!!!

Laurie Duncan said...

I love the dress, you would never know that it is a nighty! And I love the story about the doll! :)

thorne garnet said...

That's way to pretty to only wear under the covers. And I love the ring

two squirrels said...

Fantastic nightie looks so good on you Curtise....the floral blue is perfect. I too have worn the odd nightie and dressing gown for day wear...yay.
Oh oh I really like the round ring....its splendid.
Furry squirrel fingers crossed for the wonderful Miss Vix to win.
love v

Jean at said...

I've already voted, so that's that. I can't wait for her to win. You, my lovely, look ravishing in this blue!! Sounds like life has been treating you well, despite the rain. Yes, the children are growing as they are wont to do. I've missed you but glad to see you're looking gorgeous. I'll be checking in, I promise. Love you lots!!!!

Natalia Lialina said...

I can see you singing and dancing! And I definitely love the photos of you smiling and laughing when meeting with friends and family. It's a bit awkward for most of us to smile for the camera - not especially natural, isn't it?

The dress is gorgeous! I wouldn't even think that it's not a "proper" dress. It reminds me a story. I was pregnant, it was a hot Summer, and my Mom sent me a parcel with this cute top+pants set. I wore it all that hot Summer to parks etc. My Mom later said that it actually was PJs! :))) The shop where I usually buy my underwear and PJs has such pretty things that I often feel like it's completely appropriate to wear them in public. We create these rules, so we also can brake them. :)

I am so happy to see you in a good spirit! Kids are the most adorable. Am I right to think that Owen takes after you, while girls take after their papa? :)

Million of hugs! xxxxx

beate grigutsch said...

what a great blue frock! to beautiful to wear only in the dark bedroom! love that you wear a purple flower against that dress and with your hair.
mostly i have a hard time smiling for photos, although in real life i grin about the tiniest thing....
your kids are cute as ever! how exciting that claudia starts to go her own ways :-)

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Curtise,

Is that really a nightdress that you are wearing?

We have tried to imagine what it would be like going to bed with someone dressed in that nightdress. We cannot help but think that it might provoke some very strange nightmares rather than induce restful sleep. However, out and about in the high street, it surely looks totally fine. A colourful antidote to dreary weather!

Vix is surely in the home run now for the Vintage Award vote we hope. Will there be an Award Party if she wins? A Bonanza Blogger Bash, perhaps? A great excuse to bring the Gary Glitter boots out of the wardrobe, the white plastic mini skirt and the flares.........all of the day and all of the night!

Sue said...

Yay for nighties that make excellent maxi dresses! Keep singing and embarrassing your kids it is your right as their mother!

kobieta niewidzialna said...

I like your BOHO style very much.:)

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Look at you...flaunting yourself in sleep ware! : ) I wouldn't have realized that was a nightie. Especially with the waistcoat. The blue is gorgeous with your hair.

I agree, it is hard to constantly look at the camera with, "smiling eyes" .

My voice is so terrible I barely sing to myself let alone in public. My husband's voice is even worse, which is hard to believe because I sound a bit like a monkey with a throat infection. My husband puts on his headphones and then sings loudly. It is cute for the first 2 seconds. After that it grates on me like Chinese water torture and I have to close the door to his office and mine and put on music so I can no longer hear him.


Winter Moon said...

That doesn't look lioke a nightie at all and is such a gorgeous colour. Loving all your photographs, and of course I voted for Vix a while back.

Hmm, I wonder what happened to the blow-up doll.

Have a lovely weekend xx

Patti said...

Great day/night dress, and I love a Kinks reference. I had a feeling you sing and dance a lot! xox

Bobbi said...

That doesn't look like a nightie at all and it's really pretty.
I sing along in the grocery store (not my fault if the piped-in music is all stuff I know) and it drives the kids crazy.
Have a lovely weekend!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Gorgeous nightie/dress! I love the big steel circle ring, too!!!
Don't worry about not smiling... We have a thing over here called 'bitchy resting face'. It's like a joke about ladies whose natural face looks bitchy when they are just being normal. I have it, too!
Supposed to be funny :)

Mrs Bertimus said...

Fab, simply fab x

Mother of Reinvention said...

You beautiful nightie is perfectly respectable. Not a thing to scare the horses. You remind me of Kate Bush twirling in your frock 'cos it's "Wow" ;) xxxx

peaches mcginty said...

What a gorgeous nightie! you would never think it was, it's fabulous and super glamorous and quite rightly worn outside, singing! can you sing? my singing would cause deep emotional pain, it's dreadful, unless I've had a few drinks and there is a karaoke which means I am Shirley Bassey)the sex shop is very discreet, we had a blue movie cinema for years in the town popcorn there I suppose x x x

Anonymous said...

Well, in your vintage nightie you look so much more glam than most folk anyway! It looks great, especially with the denim waistcoat. Your apple necklace is divine!

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

It sounds like we've had the same kind of week. We can be all efficient and busy again on Monday can't we?
Lovely to see you in the nightie! It looks great with the denim waistcoat. If you fancy a midnight jog, you may make sparks in it! Enjoy the remains of the weekend! xxxx

Kelly Jackson said...

That's a night gown? It's gorgeous! Not that night gowns can't also be gorg, but this truly looks like a frock. Love the colour. Glad to hear Vix is in the lead. And about the smile thing, I used to have a great natural smile. Now I can't smile on demand either - it looks so fake. Maybe it's blogger self-consciousness? All I know is, the me smile rarely surfaces, even though, like you, I'm a happy camper. Xoxo

Val S said...

Fantastic wearing of that nightdress, made even better by secret knowledge that no one else knows! With the waistcoat it looks positively proper. Your montage with the iris is beautiful and inspired. Makes me want to sing and dance, too!

Olga Rani said...

But I would never guess it is a nightie! Looks like a great maxi dress, the colour and the print is amazing. I recently wore a nightie too but rather unknowingly. My husband brought me a gift from China, what I thought to be a lovely dress: silk, knee-length, with short sleeves, white with red roses all around. When we met for a dinner after work I decided to wear this dress. When I entered the restaurant where he was waiting for me I noticed that his face expression changed. As it turned out, the dress was bought at the underwear and nightdresses shop and so, my husband felt pretty uncomfortable seeing me wearing nightie in public. But I assured him that nobody would guess, so, nothing embarrassing for him. I think I should feature it in one of my posts.

Forest City Fashionista said...

If you hadn't of mentioned it I don't think any of us would have known you were wearing a nightgown. That's just waaaay too much fabric to wear to bed; you would wake up in a tangle!

When they're toddlers, kids love when you sing and dance with them in public, but then at a certain age, it becomes "MOOOOOM, stop doing that, it's embarrassing!"

I love Pink Cheetah's comment about "bitchy resting face". I think that's what I have. I smile when I feel like it, not when someone tells me to!

señora Allnut said...

your nightie is too damn pretty and delightfully floral and awesome to not be worn outside, and some dancing and twirling is also compulsory!, such a fabulous dress!
love that you make feel embarrassed your poor children, singing and wearing nighties in public!!, really lovely!
besos & flores

Patti said...

Thanks for sharing the beauty with Visible Monday, Curtise, xoxo

The Style Crone said...

I have been known to wear lingerie as outer wear, so it makes perfect sense to me that you're wearing this stunning nightie out and about. Wearing it with a waistcoat is a brilliant idea.

Thank you for sharing your hair flower and your gorgeous self with Hat Attack.

Veshoevius said...

I'll be damned if this is a nightie! It's gorgeous and deserves to be swanned around in and admired. Love how you've styled it with the denim vest. x

freckleface said...

Blimey, what glamorous nightwear some people have. That would be a terrible waste if only your little family got to see you twirling in that blue beauty. We saw that sex shop when we came Oop North! I wonder about the fate of that doll...disdain and incredulity! I can absolutely picture her expression! So funny. Wow, your pushkin really doesn't want you to make those flares. I think she's been reading Helga's blog and taking lessons from Peepers. Yes to a lazy week and YES to Vix winning. We all know she will! Xxxxx

Jessica Jannenga said...

Love your blue florals, they look great with your red hair as well. The vest accentuates your waist, and I too find dresses that I can twirl in fun
From the link up , jess
Please drop by

Vix said...

That's one helluva nightie!
Why don't they make them like that any more its all cow print onesies and bastard massive tee shirts with crap looking bears on them. No wonder I sleep starkers!
Check out Willow frolicking on your flares, tell her to shift so we can see the finished article.
Sex shops, singing and going out in your under crackers, the kids should thank their lucky stars they've got such an ace mum.
Yay - your final push has done the trick, I'm in!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxxx

Lesley Extance said...

Curtise I love this dress on you ,and your kiddies are lovely xxx.

Helga said...

I bet you DO laugh all the time. I'd love to have a day laughing with you!
oooo, gorgeous frockage! Lovely print, and shade of blue.
Ha, blow up doll! I was once given one, and my Mama had a weird fixation with it...but eventually, after insisting it live in the boot of the car for years,(she was terrified some one would break into the house, find it, blow it up and leave it on the fence...?!) she threw it out without my knowledge!!! Bizzarre things, but rather amusing.
Loving YOU! Although I'm a bit behind! Bad girl me!

Sacramento Amate said...

That nightdress is perfección, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
I will look at nightdresses with fresh eyes from today.
Love and sunshine
Don´t forget to join Share-in-Style:fruit next saturday 7th

Sacramento Amate said...

That nightdress is perfección, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
I will look at nightdresses with fresh eyes from today.
Love and sunshine
Don´t forget to join Share-in-Style:fruit next saturday 7th

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

I'm sure it's a nighty, 'cause you say so, but it looks like another very pretty maxi ... clearly twirl worthy! Beautiful blue and on you!
I've seen a few pieces of lingerie that should be daywear ... particularly some silky camies that should be worn front and center daytime or out to dinner instead of just at bedtime. Don't tell anyone, but I have one I wear fairly often in the summer!
Awwwh ... I feel for you with Claudia's wing spreading. A good reason to raise multiples. You have a little time with Nina!
We all have to wait for the vintage award ceremony to see who won for sure? Must have been Vix, yes?
Fingers crossed with confidence!

Trees said...

I love the fact this is a nightdress - I mean its so pretty and lets face it, about a million times nicer that most new stuff on sale. I love your necklace too :)

Melanie said...

I would never have guessed that was a nightie!
At least Willow isn't eating the fabric or pattern pieces as Bob tries to do! Looking forward to seeing the flares post xxx

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