Wednesday 8 May 2013

Pretty flamingos

It was a bank holiday weekend, and I did... very little!

Unplugged, ate, drank, enjoyed the kids, the cats and the sunshine, mooched in the garden, got several loads of washing dry on the line.


It's been good to relax.

We enjoyed our first visit to a local Vietnamese restaurant.

Seldom Seen Kid tucked into his favourite honey spare ribs, Littlest (having borrowed my fascinator) loved the salt and pepper squid, while Eldest gave me The Look, familiar to all mothers of almost-teenage girls.

Feel free to supply a caption - although The Look doesn't require any words...

OK, I was probably a little overdressed, but so what?

Ruffle vest top, kimono jacket, bangles, pendant, belt and shoes - charity shopped
Giant pants - cut down by me from a 1960s jumpsuit
Necklace - handmade gift from gorgeous Krista
Bangles - gift from lovely Tania
Floral headband - handmade gift from the original Sassy Vamp Desiree

I am sure I have mentioned before that I am not really the biggest fan of pink, and yet I am finding that it features surprisingly often in my wardrobe and recent outfits.

Stronger shades of pink seem to work better for me, and I rather like it with a clashing red or orange.

It clashes nicely with my hair too!

Maybe these pretty flamingos have inspired me;

Top l-r (clockwise);
Helga's shapely ankles, Krista, Sarah, Melanie, Desiree, Vix and Claire.

So pretty in pink!

Love this peacock necklace - what do we think, 1970s?

This top makes my boobs look huge!

I'll live with it...

Bugger, I am too late for Visible Monday at Patti's, I'm behind with my blog reading and commenting, and my ironing pile (after all that line drying) has reached epic proportions.

I'll catch up.

 Wait for meeeee!



Vix said...

Your boobs do look huge but I'm not complaining! I love those pink flares and how fabulous you look from head to toe. Loving the curly locks accessorised to buggery with the Sassy Vamps headband and the peacock pendant is a beauty.
Look at Seldom Seen's face tucking into his dinner, you've got the best kids - not a finicky eater amongst them.
Yay for pink, hated it as a blonde and adore it now! Boo to ironing and missing on the virtual party at Patti's! xxxxxxxx

Fran said...

SO colorful, like a flower in your lovely garden. I love the big tree trunk steps you are standing on. Beautiful outdoor setting...and such beautiful fashion finds. Oh yeah, "the look". And for ironing, nuh uh (no), I noticed when I did my laundry that almost everything I wore last week did not even need drying...they are "hang, drip and wear".

Krista said...

And what beautiful big boobs they are, I mean that's the only reason I come to your blog :) Your Sassy Vamps crown is a perfect topper to an outfit I totallu approve of. Pink is creeping into everyones closet, look out.... all you other colors!!! This outfit and the curls in your hair are simply sweet!

I love that your kids will eat Vietnamese, I love any kid that will eat different food. Littlest in your fascinator following Mom's fashion footsteps and eldest with her look, "Really Mom another photo?"

Thanks for the shout out Curtise I love that I am included in all of these very inspiring women. We all bring a little something to the table don't we.
Thanks for your kind words about Ash. She is slowly getting better.

Fiona said...

I have often seen 'The Look' most oft accompanied by the words "Really?" (in a very sarcastic tone)
or "Catch Up". (also sarky) 13yr old niece will throw this look around when she comes across anyone not quite as cool and happening as she thinks she is or who haven't heard of One Direction. I'm happy to see the LB's like their grub, can't be doing with picky eaters.
Loving the fabric of your palazzo pants, nothing wrong with pink, bought meself a pink chazza skirt only today. Your peacock pendant is gorgeous and so are your huge 'thrups'. You should be so lucky!

Connie said...

That's so funny because I don't think I like pink either and I keep grabbing for my pink scarf everytime I walk out the door. Pink has us under control!!!! Oh that look. I know it well. Mine usually prefaced it with, "Mom, PULEEZE don't sing." Yes my singing voice is rivaled only by my clunky piano playing. Big boobs rule!

Anonymous said...

I love your take on the pink theme! Pink has always been a colour that we associate to our childhood and we wished to emancipate from it for all our lives.. but well, I'm surprised about how many new meanings it has and female power is one of them!
Your skirt is fantastic and you rock!!!
After I've seen 'The look' I'm seriously worried about my future!
Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx

Louise Mc said...

I love to see pink on others, but rarely wear it myself. The maxi skirt is so beautiful though, it looks so bright and happy. I've never tried Vietnamese food, I doubt you can even get it in Coventry.

I am going to try to do a post about handbag hooks later this week in answer to your question, I know, rivetting or what? Lol.


Unknown said...

Oh yes you are so pretty in pink - all of you!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Loving the curly hair! (Is that real curliness or 'pretend'?) and wondering where I can find a top to make my boobs look huge?
Your daughters pleading look is priceless! I've got all this attitude to look forward to! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Love love love the outfit!! The purple blouse certainly showcases the rackage!!

I'm starting to love pink, too!!!

LOL at the "Look"--brings back memories!! Especially when paired with the "Sigh".

thorne garnet said...

Pink is one of those colors that people either love or hate. Funny thing is, it makes everybody look good. Slap a pink gel in a lighting instrument and VOILA everybody on stage looks beautiful!

Peacock is awesome, when ever it's from.

Lucys Lounge said...

i love your trs and the head piece. the outfit is lovely. if i was in that restaurant i'd be looking over at your great style all the time. your near teenager would really be scowling . 'mom stop wearing those clothes everyone is looking'!! as alwAys you look great. lucyx

Lucys Lounge said...

i love your trs and the head piece. the outfit is lovely. if i was in that restaurant i'd be looking over at your great style all the time. your near teenager would really be scowling . 'mom stop wearing those clothes everyone is looking'!! as alwAys you look great. lucyx

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Fabulous skirt, blue nails and shoes!!!!!!! WOOOOOO! The Look is an entity complete unto its own, wordless, yet laden. I know it well from both the inside and the outside. Gorgeous homage to pink, and may I suggest skipping the ironing - no harm in a few wrinkles, eh? ;) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Very pretty in pink! I love the skirt fabric - lovely patterns & colours.
Shame about the ironing! I love watching clothes out on the line, especially when the wind's blowing, but I don't like ironing. I'd like to spend my time messing around with my animals & sewing but housework just gets in the way sometimes.x

Rachel said...

I also pottered around in the garden and got MOUNTAINS of laundry done. Your weekend looked fun (partic the food!) and I have to say, I do like you in pink. And strong pink isn't pink-pink, or too girly xx

Miss Magpie said...

hahaha that face I think I still look at my mother like that sometimes now!

I'm still not feeling the pink love myself, I can appreciate on others but can't wear it YUUUUUK

Unknown said...

You look absolutely MAGNIFICENT! Love everything about this outfit, especially that it is screaming FUN at me.

Señora Allnut said...

I've become a huge fan of fuchsia color, so you have all my support in your recently acquired addiction!, you look fabulously overdressed and over-gorgeous, love that headpiece, that purple shirt and your pretty printed maxi!
And love your 'pink ladies' inspirating pics!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

wow! So much to love. The huge trousers are just wonderful I love them with the kimono top, always love those and the booblicious purple top. You aren't much on a pink gal on the surface but loads has definitely crept into your wardrobe. It looks great on you, especially hot pink. I love your hair! Did you get it done today? Gorgeous curls!
I know the look, I often gave it! Your two girls are so much a like! Both looking slightly disgusted, but I'm sure they had fun really. Seldom Seen is having a whale of a time with his ribs. oooh i'm peckish now! xxxxxx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

How do you find time to blos such amazing posts.
I can only manage one photo a time.
You look pretty in pink. As always.

joyatri said...

I've never been a fan of pink either, but you're right, a strong pink with a clashing color (as worn by you and all those other lovely bloggers) really does look good. I particularly like that pink/teal combo in the wide trousers.
Nuthin' wrong with a quiet weekend. Some times those are the best.

Becky said...

Your boobs look magnificent-- I am so jealous! The Look omg I feel like I'm getting it already from my 6 year old... Pink isn't my fav either, but /i love it clashing with orange like you do. The maxi and peacock are amazing.
Becky :)

Patti said...

My 13 yr old niece has The Look about 22 hours a day : > Your kids are darling, how lucky you are. And you look yummy in pink.

Sheila said...

I like the stronger shades of pink too - they look great on you!

Kylie said...

You look ace in pink Curtise. I encourage Annabel to wear it, because I think pink looks gorgeous on red-heads. Even the faintest wishy-washy pinks look stunning in my opinion.

p.s. love to littlest x
p.p.s. get used to 'the look'!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Stunning outfit! Those pants are to die for. How cleaver your made them from a jumpsuit. You look incredible, but your seem to wear everything well, including outfits with pink.

Your kids are adorable, even if the older one has that "MOM! Stop it!" look. Happy to hear you had a good day off. :)

CityScape Skybaby said...

I've finally made it to reading posts without Jake smashing the keyboards and you have been up to loads Curtise, I think you were due a lazy weekend. I'd be tucking into that food too, it looks and sounds yummy, and I know Eldest's look well. My daughter usually accompanies it with a firm "No" as in "No mum, stop acting like a prat right now". But your kids are such a cute bunch, stern stares and all. You've worn some lovely outfits too, your gorgeous green dress, and I love your hat, denim jacket and maxi skirt combo, and your saucy French look too! I'd love to browse all your fantastic markets, that little Mexican donkey vase I spied was so cute and I love your suitcase and vanity case and that beautiful peacock necklace. I know you had other buys I loved too but there was so much great stuff I can't remember it all. I can understand your nostalgia with the striped blanket, I remember ones just like it, and candy striped sheets. I also remember how weird it felt sleeping under a duvet for the first time, without the weight of all those blankets. Well it's 4.33am and now Riley's up to see where I am, no rest for the wicked eh? But I've enjoyed finally catching up with you. xx

Vintage Coconut said...

*YUP* That skirts crazy awesome and well your boobs do look huge! *lol*
I remember the look eldest is giving... I was like a pro at it from 12 to 18. *Bahahahah*

Melanie said...

Can I borrow your top?

You're so peachy in pink. I'm not a pink gal either, but I seem to be wearing it more often as well. Your giant pants require you to sing and dance on a stage.

You have captured all the hallmarks of a successful family outing. Cheers for the Bank Holidays, but you really need a Laundry Holiday as well. Hugs.

Ulla-Marie said...

Wearing such a delightful ensemble is absolutely right to do as little as possible. Just be pretty in pink.

Ivy Black said...

Oooh the curls. I love a bit of pink, it doesn't arf cheer everything up. Yes, your boobs do look enormous. Grand.

CityScape Skybaby said...

oops, meant to add, I love your new header! Knew I should have put that at the beginning of my comment or I'd forget to mention it. xx

Max said...

the look that speaks a thousand, scathing, words. yikes. can't imagine claud ever giving me that look, but i know i'm deluding myself since she's already started answering me back, usually with an accompanying foot stamp! love the trousers-masquerading as-a-skirt-can you still do a twirl in them? and i approve of the pink as a recent convert (in small doses) myself x

Unknown said...

Good to hear you had a lovely rest the weather was fab for the long weekend. Your looking fabulous I say wear pink more often, dee xxx

Indigo Violet said...

That first outfit makes you look very Frida Kahlo. Now please grow the monobrow.
I never wear pink except a few months ago for charity. When I saw a photo of myself I think I quite suited it.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Pink really suits you. I really don't think it suits me very much but I do like it when combined with another bright colour. The fabric of those pants is just gorgeous! Xx

freckleface said...

Ah, The Look. In our household, my little sister did it the best. Every now and again we ask her to recreate it for old time's sake. No words needed.

Don't your two girls look alike? How cute. Now Curtise you can't fight the pink, so just give in gracefully and enjoy how radiant you look in it. I love your outfit to go to the Vietnamese, and the way you are modelling it on the stepping stones to nowhere.

Adore that peacock necklace. I thought of you this morning and wondered what treasures you will get at the flea today.

Great rack, Sheffield! :) xxxxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

You're lucky you just get "the look" (for now). I'm sure I've bored you before about my pre-teen's rude and stroppy behaviour (and she has the nerve to say that I've got anger management issues. Well really....). Anyway, I like dark pink(not keen on pastel) and those wide trews look fabulous as does Desiree's headband. Liking the peacock pendant too - good find. Oh and yummy Vietnamese food. xx

Mrs. D said...

Don't complain that the boobage looks big, it's goooood!!!
The skirt is lovely, love the pattern. It's cool to see your kid borrowing your fascinator - maybe she will follow your footsteps into fabulousness? I was just think about what you said about being overdressed. we should wear what we feel like - even if it might look a bit too much for other people- I don't agree at all with 'saving the best thing for a special occasion'. Every day we live is a special occasion even if it's just for the simple fact that we are alive! Now that just gave me an idea for a post, thanks for the inspiration :)

Melanie said...

You look fab and I especially love the curls xxx

Unknown said...

All women seen here are absolutely gorgeous. There's a whole magical world inhabited by you lovelies that most of the rest of us can only ever experience through your blogs.
You're each, individually, a gift to the rest of us and together, you're a force of nature.
Lest you think I'm blowing sunshine up your various bright skirts, I need to tell you I've had a garden variety, non-tragic but completely annoying and difficult week. Seeing you all really made a difference in my mood and consequently my life today. So there.
Curtise, did you know you're raising a little young-Jane Birkin-Charlotte Gainsbourg in your eldest? Beautiful kids, really.
Thanks for perking up my day.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Awesome boobage and curls! Those are magnificent pants, in pattern and in the amount of space they command...definitely "Get OUT of MY WAY!" pants. I'm not a fan of pink either, but as Thorne Garnet pointed out, there is a shade that is flattering to everyone. If it's a forceful shade like fuschia, I'll wear it but none of that "baby pink" crap. Sounds like a nice weekend!

Miss Maple said...

Love all you pretty flamingos. Pink suits you really well. I'm glad you had a nice bank holiday weekend and after I've been in England last week I even know what you mean. Love, love, love your really lovely and wonderful England. When I walked through the town and sat in these nice vintage tea rooms I thought I might be English in my heart. I want to come again to this great country soon. You must be really happy to live there.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Vix's comment above made me laugh and miss all the fun I use to have doing this posting stuff more. But I've been too busy to start a style blog, but I do miss it.

Looks like you and I are doing the scrunching hair thingy at the same time. I started wearing my curly side too. Yours looks really cute, especially in that photo on your banner where you're wearing the orange, I love it!

Thanks for stopping by my new art blog...your comments make me smile. ;)

mispapelicos said...

I bet your children cannot get enough the such stylish mum.
Looking glorious, dear Curtise.

bohemian vanity said...

Wow Curtise, you're the prettiest flamingo i've ever seen!!! How amazing are those pants ?! Really. Love the pattern!
Guess you enjoyed your weekend much. I do love vietnamese food too, so delicious!
Have a fab day dear! xxxx

Flora Cruft said...

Sweetheart you look the most divine and sexy combination: part sexy flamenco ruffles, part pretty flamingo! I love the look, and Desiree's Sassy Vamps crown is the cherry on the cake. p.s. fabulous boobs!

Unknown said...

Pink is a pretty color and i like on you
I love Desire's pink hair, isn't marvelous that she took the plunge and dyed her har pink! so cool!
Here's caption for your daughter's look
''Do i have to eat this Mom??''

Us North American seldomly use an iron, only if we are obliged, we use the dryer - thank god, i don't know if i could survived the ironing pile!

It's good to relax once in a while good for you

Looking marvelous

Have a good weekend

Ariane xxxx

Unknown said...

ok firstly the head band from Desiree just looks utterly fab on you and that skirt...i could actually cry with how much i love it... honey you look a million dollars, even if the killer 'nearly a teenager' look says...1p! xxx