Friday, 3 May 2013

A fabulous flea market

Thursday is flea market day in Chesterfield, and when the sun shines, it gets 
very busy!

I finally remembered my camera this week, and took a few photos on the way round.
There is a huge variety of goods, traders and prices.
While some stalls are beautifully presented, others have boxes piled high with house clearance and auction job lots. These are very popular with the punters; so much so that I couldn't get a decent photo, all you could see were the backs of rummaging customers!

It's not all vintage/retro stuff, though there is plenty of that. There are lots of newer secondhand clothes and shoes, books, DVDs, tools, crafts/handmade items, jewellery, furniture, and food stalls as well.

I like the cutlery stall, and the 50p an item table.

There's plenty of cheap fruit and veg, tons of bric-a-brac, and more vintage china than you can shake a stick at. 

It's a friendly place - here are Amanda and Jo (who definitely win the prize for most stylish stall holders), Janet, and Joseph.

I bought my magic lantern slides from Janet last week; Joe's stall has the 3-items-for-£1 box which I have mentioned before (Meakin and Midwinter for 33p? Yes please!) and I also bought my globe light and pigeon basket from him.

Debs is another favourite stall holder; she didn't want her photo taken but I sneakily snapped her and Joanne deep in conversation over a rather delightful cupboard. Debs' stall is a mix of vintage loveliness and handmade items like cushions, mittens (in winter) and aprons. She's very talented.
My 1970s Decosse wool coat, worn to death this winter, was bought from Debs' stall.

As I was taking the photo of the box of cotton reels, a fellow market browser asked me if I had a blog. She said she reads a lot of blogs and thought that a pic of cotton reels looked like something a blogger would post! I am obviously terribly predictable - but I loved all the colours together!

Here's Chesterfield church, which its famous twisted spire.

And my purchases?

A 1960s suitcase and a 1950s umbrella with a lucite handle.

As  you can see, the cats approved. 

And this little 1970s steel and abalone shell pendant, in need of a chain.

I am always on the look out for Sheffield-made steel jewellery, and this looked similar to the ring I bought from a charity shop a while back.

Turns out they are both by the same maker (I hadn't noticed the ring was marked until I checked it yesterday).

The mark says Lord Python, designs by D Scott-Walker. When I googled it, guess whose photo came up as the third image? Our Vix, of course! She also found a Lord Python pendant at a carboot and blogged about it.

There's the ring.

Skirt - Jo and Amanda's 3-items-for-a-fiver sale, flea market
Vest top, blouse, shoes, tights, pink flower, faux pearl necklace and bangles - charity shopped
Bead/skull necklace - handmade by colourful Krista
Belt - retail (sale)
Black flower - gift
Curls - courtesy of the 1970s Pifco curling tongs I bought at last week's jumble sale!
Unusually for me, there is nothing vintage about this outfit at all - apart from myself, of course.

How could anyone prefer to go to a soulless shopping centre/mall to get their retail fix? I truly cannot understand it. 
The staff in House of Fraser or Primark don't sing to you, or know your name, or chat about sewing or the PTA, or share their personal stories, or source items for you. Where's the banter, the connection, the fun?

Support your local market, if you are lucky enough to have one!



Pennyblossoms said...

Our market is not up to much, but we love the one in Leicester.
Looks like you had a grand day out.
Have a great Bank Holiday week end
Z xx

Lucys Lounge said...

sadly curtise i don't have a market as good as this locally. you got lots of great things. your photos are great i feel i was there and the photos of the threads are great. llove your outfit very different to your usual style . love lucy

Becky said...

Fishnets!!!! I love the fishnets! The pendant is amazing, I loved the ring when you showed it before. That market looks so fuuuun! I love markets.
Becky :)

Anonymous said...

Great market, great finds and an AWESOME outfit! SO pretty on you! What's not to love here? Thanks for sharing the pics of your local hang out. Glad you had a fun day. :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Wow!! This is one of your sexiest outfits yet. Bit of a bordello theme. Love the tulle and the peasanty top! Bloody gorgeous! I had a steel necklace of mum's. Must hunt that out. Also had 2 rings both labelled "made by spastics". Not quite so appealing as Lord Python. The market looks great, so much to see. Loads there too. It puts our 4 stall flea market to shame. Lovely umbrella and vintage suitcases should always be snatched up if cheap! I want to come and visit! Xxxxx

Patti said...

Your market is fabulous, wish I were there. So is your outfit, so saucy!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You spent a few glorious hours in heaven and I swear it's put a spring in your step. Look at the glorious sunshine! The perfect backdrop for your incredible tutu-skirt that I absolutely CANNOT stop perving at! Well, and your gorgeous legs!!!!! I always learn something new in each of your posts and today you taught me about Lord Python and a twisted church spire! Jo and Amanda are utterly gorgeous and I'll bet they have customers desperate for a gander at their goods:). Have a glorious weekend darling Curtise!!!! xoxox

Connie said...

There is something very Toulouse Lautrec about your outfit. Mais Oui!!!! Well now I must get better soon so I can make a trip to Sheffield. Our flea markets are pretty sad in comparison and the prices rival those at the shopping mall. Criminal! Well done on the suitcase. Of couse the cat approves. Cats know what's what.

Pam in Texas said...

What I would give for a browse around your market. What treasures and sheer joy.
You look fabulous Curtise, love the tights.
Pam in TX.xx

Unknown said...

I love this feminine and modern look on you! The flea market looks like so much fun. Your purchases are great, and I spotted bric-a-brac in your pics that I would love! I like the mixture of textures in your outfit, and the colors. Enjoy your weekend!


Helga said...

O, this is such an awesome post, I could just crawl on in nd rummage away quite happily! One or two pairs of sunnies would certainly be making their way home with me! Jo and Amanda are a pair of hotties! They're just the kind of wneches I would gravitate to. Indeed, I have no idea why anyone would like soul-less, mindless modern style shopping. Give me a market any day of the week!
You are looking most deliciously wnton, love that tarty skirt! Isn't it WEIRD when you happen to wear an antirely modern outfit? Makes me feel odd, for sure, and I have to find something old just to feel more comfortable! There has been some cute things in "fashion" down here over the Summer, I'm hoping to find some in the opshops throughout the Winter.....
Your case, pendant and brolly are fabuLARSE!!! I'm especially into that case. MMM.
Love you!

The Style Crone said...

My sentiments exactly! And I think you have hand model possibilities with the purple polish and ring display. You couldn't have chosen a more perfect skirt to wear with fishnets!

freckleface said...

Wanton, what a wonderful word. You look like a sexy gyspy girl in this outfit with your fabulous hair and that slightly undone top. Saucy! I love it.

Right, you've completely sucked me in. We have to organise a trip SOON! This flea market looks amazing. I don't think I've ever stopped in Chesterfield, we always seem to go through there on the way to somewhere. I think it's lovely that you know all the stallholders.

I'm very much enjoying these extra shots of your garden and am quite intrigued by those wooden stepping stones. Are they for a project?

freckleface said...

I published too soon!! xxxxxxxxx :D

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

I feel so fortunate to have a market here. Although we don't have a 50p table. Down south it's a £2 table! Have a lovely weekend! xxxx

barbara said...

Surely there are few experiences as pleasurable as wandering around a flea market on a fine day !!
The pendant and the ring are lovely - what a good eye you have to have spotted them separately. Looking at the June and Bunty annuals got me thinking about the comics I read as a girl. When I was about 10 or 11 I bought Tammy, Misty and my favourite 'Jinty' (I think they all merged at some point) and I absolutely loved them. I can still remember some of the stories and the excitement of waiting for the following week's instalment.. Have a lovely weekend Curtise xx

Kelly Jackson said...

Great photos, Curtise! One, you look like a sassy Spanish seniorita - and I too am loving the fishnets. That spire is so neat; it looks kind of Who-down-in-Whoville-ish. What a great backdrop to a lovely looking market. How perfect that you found a locally-made Space Age steel pendant to match your fabulous ring.

There is something so lovely about having that personalised interaction with sellers. When I go to my local thrift shop now, the little blond gal who works there kisses me (once on each check, as is the French fashion) and pats my belly (a very non-French thing to do) - not sure I'd get that anywhere else here, and it's nice! Xoxo

Melanie said...

Ooo, let that sexy self out to play! Oh, yes. Prancing about on little wood stages on the deck. I'm surprised the hoards didn't part when you neared, gawping at your fabulousness.
Your market looks like a hive of activity. I love the vibe. Thanks for sharing all those bits. The jewellery is awesome too - it makes cosmic sense that you and Vix would cross psychic paths in the jewel sphere.
Your cat photos are art.

Vix said...

What a fabularse outfit, you sexy minx!
Chesterfield market looks wonderful, especially that clothes stall with the maxi dress and floral skirt and those glam girls, Amanda and Jo. I'm not usually one for china but it's always a lot more attractive when it's 50p.
You know I love a good market - or any market at that - sure beats shopping in a sterile shop with miles of endless identical tat at obscene prices.
I can't believe you found another Lord Python! Trust me to pop up on Google, I'm like a virus.
Your finds are ace, as proved by the cat! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Louise Mc said...

I love your outfit. The skirt is so fab. The market looks like a great day out and your buys are perfect. Xx

Louise Mc said...

I love your outfit. The skirt is so fab. The market looks like a great day out and your buys are perfect. Xx

Louise Mc said...

I love your outfit. The skirt is so fab. The market looks like a great day out and your buys are perfect. Xx

Krista said...

I almost feel like I was at the market with you! Before I forget I must say that twisted spire is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! You were spotted taking photos and called out as a blogger, I'm sure there are much worse things to be called:).
You are looking extra saucy in your tulle skirt and sexy gypsy top! Your pendant made of Sheffield steel is a beauty piece of art and how cool you have a matching ring!
I think Portland needs more markets like this but first I should start by going to a few we do have.
Enjoy your weekend love!

Ivy Black said...

Cor...look at you! You look like you're about to brake out in to a tourch song and go from table to table making all the wive's jealous!
What a wonderful day out..aren't markets brilliant? I agree with you totally. Schelpping around a mall is a misery. In fact, I've not done it for years but I'd stroll around a market any day. Fab finds and as long as the cat approves that's the main thing.
Have a fab long weekend.

Ivy Black said...

Cor...look at you! You look like you're about to brake out in to a tourch song and go from table to table making all the wive's jealous!
What a wonderful day out..aren't markets brilliant? I agree with you totally. Schelpping around a mall is a misery. In fact, I've not done it for years but I'd stroll around a market any day. Fab finds and as long as the cat approves that's the main thing.
Have a fab long weekend.

Unknown said...

So many wonderful pictures! Amanda and Jo have made me jealous with their beautiful coats, and lovely hair piled on top of their heads. That pendant is really striking, and how lucky to find something that matches your ring. Next time someone googles Lord Python, you'll come up right after Vix!

M. Eva-Marie said...

Just found your blog and loving it. Maybe we can follow each other on GFC or bloglovin? Please feel free to stop by my blog and let me know. XO

two squirrels said...

Oh Curtise I wish I was with you at the flea market, what amazing treasures. The 50's style sunnies are great and I love the two very stylish ladies, Jo & Amanda.
You looked lovely and spring like with that wonderful skirt and a flower in your hair.
Now I have just spent the last couple of hours hunting for a pendant, which I have just found....YAY!!!!!
It is "Lord Python" Sheffield. It matches your ring, I think?
I think it needs to be's going in the post tomorrow.
Love V

Indigo Violet said...

I think I would hyperventilate if we had a market like that! I can't believe the rich pickings! So tempted to visit your part of the world.

Vicky Hayes said...

What a wonderful read Curtise! I love markets like these and would be there like a shot if I lived closer. The flea market on Saturdays at Buckingham is great for furniture and bric a bric but sadly not clothes - although I picked up a great pair of soft vintage leather gloves a few weeks ago. Finmere car boot sale is the next best thing but vintage clothing is few and far between. Plenty of chazzing to be had in the town though and we have a great vintage clothing shop now. Vicky x

Ulla-Marie said...

Now I have to Watch Moulin Rouge! Very nice look!

Flora Cruft said...

Hello sexy legs! You're a seductive Carmen in that gorgeous skirt showing off your fabulous pins. And ooh those finds are marvellous as are the sweet shots of your kitties!

Fiona said...

So wish we had a market like this where I live, I think a 50p stall is a distant dream tho'. Joseph looks like a character. Love your outfit and feel you should be in gay Paree flashing your drawers at us.
Hope your weekend's been good.

The Goodwill Fangirl said...

Thank you for taking us to the flea market with you! I may have to do more research to find out where the hell the vintage vendors are around here.

That crinoline and those fishnets - you are smokin'.

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love your pretty, frothy skirt. That 60s suitcase you got is fabulous. I know what you mean. I'd rather rummage in a op shop or market stall than go into a mall any day.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing, I adore the black skirt and all your colorful bangles and jewels! Thank you for let me visit the amazing market with you, it's the kind of place that I love, here there is a similar one but only once a month, I always score some lovely things but often they are too expensive as they are considered 'antique pieces'! Chesterfield church is amazing!!
Love xxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

PlusSizefix discount code Great, and great outfit, i love this purple and black combination
I get the comments often and the looks - Bengals, rings everything But who cares you're fabulous :)))))

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Great photos - I wish we had markets like that.
Love the tights.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I'm so jealous you get to visit such an awesome market!! I wish we had something similar here that wasn't uber pricey! That skirt is a show stopper and I can totally see you singing in the rain with that umbrella even though it's red haha. xx

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic market--so jealous cuz we have nothing like that near me!!
You look like a saucy showgirl in your tulle skirt and fishnets!!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

OOh, you are definitely letting your saucy minx out to play in this outfit - I LOVE it! It is a different look for you (WooHoo, short skirt!) and there is an element of a french showgirl to it.

The market looks like a good place to while away a couple of hours. The personal interaction is one of the things I love most about flea markets and vintage shows. We don't have much of anything in the city I live in so I have to go elsewhere for my vintage market fix.

I agree with Kelly, the twisty spire looks straight out of a Dr. Seuss book!

Unknown said...

You look really hot in that skirt ! Fab !

Megan said...


*scrolls quickly*

Ahhh...cute cat in a suitcase. Much better. :)

Love the tulle/flouncy skirt! Makes me sing "Yes you CAN CAN CAN!" from Moulin Rouge.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous outfit! You look so lovely!
I love to shop at markets. It's the first thing I check up on when I go somewhere new. I like them much better than shops even on cold & rainy days.x

Unknown said...

What a great day! I keep reading all these posts about flea market wondrousness...gotta get me some! x

Diane said...

I need to take a day off and go to Chezvegas market. It look FABEROONI!! And you snapped Miss Debs! i really really want to go! xxxxxxxxxxx

Lynn Hasty said...

Look at you, girl! You are smokin'! And I don't mean cigarettes! And you are not vintage! LOL. Well, actually vintage is a compliment, so go ahead on! If only I could go with you to a sale like that. Good grief! I am drooling over the tables of stuff. It just looks so different from here, and only a seasoned thrifter would spot the subtle differences in bric a brac on that side of the pond versus here. I must rest now.


Fran said...

Love your gypsy outfit. I sounds like there are many flea markets and thrift shop in your area. We have a flea market we go to once a month. The rest are rather shabby. Love the spiral steeple.

Anonymous said...

You finally found your stainless steel 70's pendant you've always wanted, very cool!
I am in love with that little pink etched glass bottle with the crystal stopper in one of the photos. I would have had to buy that little goodie.
And, I am absolutely adoring that creature in the vintage frock and lace! She looks to be way over my budget though. ;)

mispapelicos said...

I am absolutely in love with your skirt and I would love to go with you to that market, ahhhhhhhh

Unknown said...

You are lucky to have such a beautiful markets
I love that they sell fruits, clothes, bric à brac so cool
Here we do have markets but they don't mix the merchandise - it's either a food market or a marché aux puces i guess its a bric à brac market for you or a vintage fair
I love your outfit you look like a flamenco dancer and you are not vintage at all you are a lovely, gorgeous visible woman!

I love the twisted top of the church so unusual
Sheffield made rings? that is interesting
Wonder if we could find them around here

Love and hugs

Ariane xxx

silvergirl said...

I love all of those watering cans and cat eye glasses
Seems like when I to a sale like that it is always junk!

Mrs. D said...

I love this post!
So many pretty things to look at. I love that your purchases are cat approved. The best seal of approval ever! It really made me smile!
I like your outfit too - love the tights and skirt combo, really cute, raaawr!
Huggles xx

Unknown said...

Looks like a great time. This weekend starts my garage sale season and I am pumped. Can't wait to find some treasures. I love the fishnet tights, adds just the right amount of fun.



Unknown said...

Late but sincere, that 's me!
You look completely perfect ... I'm in constant envy of your sense of style.
I also get a kick out of your jumble "tours" ... we have nothing like them here. Lots of garage sales, but almost all trash and men's knit golf shirts. Yawn.
Have a great week, Curtise!

Jean at said...

CURTISE!!!! You are FABULOUS!! Okay, so my favorite parts of this post are the church and your legs in those amazing fishnets!!! Also, I'm just now seeing your new header. I love it. You are quite the sexy one with all your lovely pics. It looks like you're enjoying yourself, and life is good.

I saw an interview with you (can't remember where). You were saying that even with all the education etc. you were startled to be an at-home mom. (Did I get that right?) My thought is that, because you bring such wonderful intelligence and creativity to that role, your legacy is profound. I think I did a pretty good job myself, and I'm proud of that. Our kids just might save the world, along with all the other amazing young ones.

Have a great week!!! Much love to you and yours. XXOO

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Your photos are a visual feast! Funny about the woman and the cotton reel photo!!

Love the suitcase. x

Rachel said...

I enjoyed the virtual shopping experience in the market! Am truly with you on the buy local, but second hand. Am loving all that china in your photos, I have a bit of a china problem :-)

joyatri said...

I heartily agree. Who would want to shop in a soulless mall when you've got so much life and color at flea markets like this one. Hmm, maybe I should make it up your way on a Thursday...

Sheila said...

Lordy, you look spectacular in that skirt/tights outfit! woo hoo!

I can't abide the malls now. Souless caverns.

Melanie said...

All those annuals! I have a fair few Dandy and Beano and other comic ones that were my uncles, I love them.
How sweet are the kitty and umbrella pictures! You could string the pendant on ribbon, I often do that when there's no chain.
You look so pretty in this outfit xxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

A dream date would be a day spent rummaging with you, except we would be after the same things I suspect! This outfit is gorgeous, I love the skirt. My eye was drawn to the display of sunglasses....the look fab! Xx

bohemian vanity said...

I like the vintage part of your outfit most :)
The market looks adventurous! I love to stroll around those markets on the hop for great finds! Those prices are divine!!!
We don't have such lovely markets here. What a pity!
Your purchases are so nice and it seems your cat likes it too!!!