Friday, 14 September 2012

Infect me with your love

Hello you lovelies, I am so sorry for the lack of posts but we have been a House of Infection this week.

Computer - succumbed to a virus. Now happily de-bugged and restored to us (at some scary expense...)

Littlest - another skin infection, now improving with antibiotics.

Me - sore throat, cold, cough, head full of mush, yuk. But getting better.

I wore this 1980s C&A dress last week, to a very muted response. 

What's wrong with people, don't they see the light and floofy (thanks to Amber for this word, a perfect descriptor!) fabulousness of it? 

The print is tropically fruity.

There are built-in petticoats for extra floof.

It has light and breezy angel sleeves.

What's not to love? 

I bumped into a good friend and her partner while wearing this dress. He looked me up and down several times with a what-the-fuck? expression on his face, until clearly unable to contain himself any longer, then he said pointedly, "I like your shoes."

He can kiss my arse, can't he, Charlie? Or maybe yours.

My grotty week was much improved by some gorgeous gifts sent by my lovely blog friend Fiona, who must have known in some spooky fashion that I needed cheering up.

1972 Enid Blyton Story Annual, a beautiful bird cage pomander (which I had admired when Fiona posted it on her blog, and the darling gave it to me), one of her handmade felt flower hair clips, and a beautiful handmade card.

Thanks, Fi, you brought a much needed smile to my miserable face!

Oh and by the way...

...doesn't this little girl bear an uncanny resemblance to our own dear Sarah Misfit?

Now, those of you who follow Vix, Clare and Louise will already have seen their photos from our Big Day Out in Walsall last Saturday.

It was such a joy to meet up with these ladies for charity/vintage shopping, lunch, and plenty of chat.

If a photo could sum a person up, then this is Essence of Vix!

Clare having a St. Trinian's moment.

Krista and Louise.

I soooo want to make a joke about jugs, it's actually hurting to hold it in...

Louise, Lucy, Krista and Clare.

Is it any wonder folk stared?

Unusually for me, I didn't buy anything. No, not even the crazy 1970s Crimplene bell bottoms Vix spotted for me to try.

Pinched this hilarious pic from Clare!

But I didn't come home empty-handed as darling Vix gave me this gorgeous little Cloisonne pill box which had been her mum's.

And I was full of blogger love and friendship, and money can't buy that feeling!

Calling in at your wonderful blogs has made a tough week bearable, so thank you for doing what you do!

May your weekends be infection-free!




Louise Mc said...

I'm feeling 'throaty' too, so I hope it's not something that is going. I love the neckline on that dress, it's lovely, and the gorgeous print. I had a little chuckle at the jugs photo. Have a great weekend. x

Fiona said...

Good to have you back Curtise. I for one think your dress is rather lovely and at first glance thought it had a 50's look about it. What do men know about clothes anyway ???
So glad the pomander made it Oop North without casualty.

Robert Barnsley said...

I wish pottery bloggers were so sociable, glad your better Curtise. X

Anonymous said...

Dear Curtise you always make my day!!
Too bad for the unlucky days you had, but I admire your strength and now that I realize, my post was totally inspired by your last one!
I'm so sorry that until the very last moment I was seriously considering to come to England to meet all of you, but I was quite broken and the girls needed me, but when I see the photos of your big meet up I regreat for not have being there, sounds like you had a wonderful time!
Those pants looks amazing on you, why didn't you take them home, that's a shame!
Anyway I adore your dress and its exotic print!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

Sorry to hear you've not been well! You definitely don't look it though, that C&A dress is gorgeous! That bloke obviously doesn't know style when he sees it! xo.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Hope you disease riddled lot are feeling better. Your friend's partner is a douchebag - even from the tiny blog feed photo I was in love with your dress. It's completely fantabulosa. You got some great presents, glad they put a smile on your face! I love your photos, so I'm pinching them for use in times of loneliness/fashion frustration xzxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Curtise,

Hope everybody in your household feel better soon! I did not see the dress you are showing us today, i like it, very pretty!
Yes i have seen the dream team's pics, so extraordinaire, you are so fortunate to have met, a moment in history i say!

Take care

Have a good weekend

Ariane xxx

The Goodwill Fangirl said...


I wanted to make sure I gave the opposite of a muted response :P

Love the blogger meetup pics, and blogger gifts. Also love the bell bottoms. Those would have been hard to leave behind!

Melanie said...

Great big hugs and kisses and a quirky happy jig from me around that amazing wonderful floofy dress on you! I am infecting you with happiness and anti-viral protection from senseless remarks. Do we care what they say? NON! Your photos of the meet-up make me happy too. You are a positive contagion!! (Truly, I hope you are feeling better soon, and your littlest too. Hugs)

Angie said...

Hope you both get well soon.The dress has a 70s feel that very well suits you.But what I like the most is seeing you all together in the meet up.You all look gorgeous,I'd love to be part of youe meet up.

Anonymous said...

You were missed this week but I am glad to hear that you are all on the mend.

I can not believe you didnt get those AMAZING flares... I would snap your arms off if I found them in a charity shop. It looks like you had an amazing time with the girls xx

mispapelicos said...

Best things in life are always priceless.
That dresss of yours shold scare all the bugs in your house, too wonderful for them.
Have a lovely weekennd, dear friend.

Sarah Jane said...

I know those horrid infectious spells. Last year in our house was hideous! I actually started blogging last winter when I was signed off work with gastric flu and I was climbing the walls! Lets hope this year won't be anywhere near as bad. I absolutely love the Enid Blyton book and as usual you make me chuckle. The "jugs" caption is perfect. What a shot! Ha ha. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog recently. I always look forward to them xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Curtise, I do hope you're on the mend, and Nina too. Your comments made me laugh about the "I like your shoes." I once framed some paintings I did and rested them above the fireplace on the mantel. Someone came in and saw them and said, "I love the frames!" WTF??

Well, I love your dress! It's festive and feminine and all your colors. He can kiss your swooshy arse!

Vicky Hayes said...

Poor Curtise, it sounds a horrible week. But look at you in your tropical frock - and with extra built-in floof too! They certainly don't make them like that any more. Glad Fiona has cheered you up with her gorgeous prezzies as if the guy saying 'I like your Shoes' wasn't enough giggles! Love the Big Day Out pics. You reminded me of when my daughter was little and telling me about something she'd seen in a shop; when I asked which one, she told me it was in the one with the nice jugs whereupon I exploded into guffaws. Of course I should probably grow up... maybe tomorrow?! Vicky x

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Your fabulous enthusiasm is infectious for sure! Thank you so much for the mention, and in an awesome display of floofiness, yet!!! Yes, it just fits so well that slightly bouncy voluminous fluffy poofiness which is joyful through and through.

Of which this fruit-astic frock has no shortage! Only a terribly miserable, raisin-hearted soul would even try to mute this.

Thrilled to see you back, especially with the outing photos too - the blogoshpere was starting to grow dim!

Kylie said...

No muted response from me Curtise. I love your frock. And you in it.
Sorry to read you haven't been well, wishing you (and your littlest) a speedy recovery x

p.s. still loving your haircut.

Debberoo said...

Missed you! Sorry about the lurgy (various cases of). Hair is looking gorgeous as are your blogging comrades!

Trees said...

I hope you're all feeling much better now! A few people round here are sick too - I guess its the change of season that does it! You look FABULOUS in that dress - don't worry, I'm a public servant and the uniform for Wellington is black - I stick out, A LOT! But I don't care - because I'm awesome sauce and so are you :D

I so WISH I could have been at that blogger meet up! Looks like a blast xoxo

Lynn Hasty said...

I really enjoyed reading about all of you together, and those photos are great. Vix looks like a joyous soul who laughs all the time and makes everyone else laugh too. Those are some great pictures. I rather like your dress, fruitiness and all. Men hide their fruit on underwear labels. We wear ours outright. We are brave.

Lynn Dylan

joyatri said...

Sorry to hear that you have been dealing with infections and afflictions. Wearing that floofy flouncy dress with its watercolor print is a good way to fake feeling well. It is divine and I believe your cat thinks so, too. What sweet presents from Fiona and all color-coordinated as well. I love the photo of you and your blogger friends walking down the street. You all look like some kind of bad-ass vintage-wearing gang instilling fear into the hearts of the beige-wearing public. Thank you for your comments on my curls. I'm glad to hear that you had the mandatory perm in the 80s, too.

Kitty said...

Erk, what a pooky week you've had, poor you! I had wondered why I hadn't seen a post from you lately. I really love those crimplene pants on you, but I'm sure you had your reasons for not buying them! Good to see you back.xx.

Helga said...

O,I am rather into 80's does 50's frocks recently,and this one is a humdinger!!!You look mega hot in it,despite feeling lurgied...POOP to that!I had a nasty in my laptop too, the other week.And I was lurgied at the time...coincidence?!
I've so loved seeing all the pix from the Walsall Blogger Love Fest!!! Those pants ARE to die for amazing....I can't inagine you in pants, though!!!You would look divine in them,I am sure!

Love madly! XXXXXXXX

CityScape Skybaby said...

Hope you're all feeling a lot better now Curtise, it always seems to be if one person gets sick everyone does and it's just horrible for weeks.
Your dress is lovely, I'm glad you ignored that daft man, funny how it's always dimwits who feel compelled to pass comment when no one asked them for their opinion in the first place!
Love seeing the photos of all you bloggers together, It seems slightly surreal seeing you all in one place, but in a very good and fabulous way. xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Ooooooh it's been so long since I've infected you with my comments and for that I am truly sorry my lovely, crimplene pantalicious maxi-queen! I have been admiring your hair (FRINGE!!!) - loving it SO much and what was that man thinking when he looked you up and down, deliberately being rude? I would love to have replied "er ... same to you, shame about your cock though". Every time I spot one of these pics from The Day I Missed Out On, I turn into a puddle of envy and tears ... gawd you chicks looked so fecking hot and delicious, you needed a whole camera crew to follow you around - now that would be some hot reality telly:)). You looked so flippin' GAWWWWWJUSSSS in the maxi - I love those colours on you SO, SO much!! Thank you for the Matt Johnson time travelling - I'm back in my room, sulking over a hot guy called Joel who was NOT interested - heheheeee!!! Hope your snot dries up soon love!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

It is a lovely dress. I red Vix' posts last week and you all look incredible.

Megan said...

Your dress is beautiful but I really love your strappy shoes. So pretty. It looks like you had fun out with all those gorgeous ladies.

Those red and white trousers are awesome. I'm glad you tried them on to show us even if you didn't buy them.

Stacey said...

I wish I could have met all you fabulous ladies too! It looks like you all had such a blast together. Stuff the guy who didn't like this dress! What does he know anyway?! This dress is fab, and you're double fab in it.

AnPhibian said...

Floofy! Hooray for that word! I like your dress, and -- at the risk of being asked to kiss Charlie's adorable ass -- I love the shoes! The whole outfit works, in my book. I'm also sad that I couldn't join you ladies for shopping. It looks like too much fun.

Kelly Jackson said...

Well, first off, I think your friend was pretty rude to you - even if he disliked your look he should have zipped it instead of going out of his way to act like a turd. I love the dress - the pattern, the sleeves, just so funky-pretty (like Cyndi Lauper from the 80s). And what a lovely outing and pics of you blogging ladies - so great that you can all get together and shop/bond. You all look like super (thrifting) girls in that last photo - it's truly amazing!I think the pants rocked on you, btw. Hope you're better soon. xoxo

Rose&Bird said...

Glad to hear you're all on the mend. That dress is fab, sod the people who don't get your style! Love the pictures of you all together, hope I can join you one day x

Dawn said...

Pull up your socks is a riot. Just read her comment to you about the rude guys hilarious. That's the shit I think too...if he is an ahole then his penis is small or he is jealous and wishes he could wear it too. Anyway, I loved this dress on you as soon as I clicked on. What's not to love is right. You are a riot yourself Curtise. Love your meetup photos and that jazzy dress you wore is hot! Loving your chic. Feel better darling. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Kaffesoester said...

Your tropical print dress is incredible, the floofy volume in the lower part with the belt makes your waist so unbelievably small! I think the neckline is great for you as well.

The blogger meetup looks like a lot of fun, with some eye catching jugs! You all look wonderful, evidently causing a bit of a stir!

Hope you're feeling better!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I think that dress is gorgeous, oh Curtise of the weeny waist - your friends are obviously blind! Wear it with heels though and it would be even more fabulous.

Sorry you've all been unwell but the blogger meetup must act as a tonic. Next time I hope.

thorne garnet said...

What fun you all had! I enjoyed seeing my friends last weekend, too. How strange for a fruity print dress to be so dark, it is lovely. Maybe that guy was so blown away with your awesomeness, he was speechless( or just a jackwagon)

bonsaimum said...

Glad you are feeling better. Your friends partner obviously has no taste. The dress is spectacular, the colours are"alive".
Looks like you all had a blast.:)

Vix said...

I'm sorry about the lurgy, my darling, that stinks! Hope you and Nina are well on the way to recovery now and thank goodness the computer's back in the land of the living, too, your absence has been greatly missed!
Fiona's parcel of joy is wonderful and I'm feeling all nostalgic over last week's pictures, can't believe what a fabulous time we had and the weather we had.
Your mate's partner sounds like a pour your heart and soul into an outfit and get rewarded with "I like your shoes!". Mind you at least he found something positive to say, one of my dear male friends told me that my dress sense reminds brings to mind an 18 year old trapped in a dead old lady's wardrobe!
I love that dress and the gorgeous woman inside it! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Your dress is fab - love the print and the really big skirt. Wish it was mine!

MILEX said...

aww I am not gonna lie it I tell you I am totally in love now !

Anonymous said...

Ugh--creepin' crud!! Glad you're feeling better and hope littlest is on the mend!!
I frakkin' LOVE that dress!! What is wrong with some people? Gorgeous style, stunning print!!
I'm loving your new 'do more everytime I see it!! It has a kinda 20's flapper vibe to it.
Y'all looked like you had a blast together. I've been sobbing looking at all the different posts chronicaling your adventures!

Forest City Fashionista said...

So sorry to hear about all the viruses you've been harbouring in your house - hope they are all out the door very soon!! I like your shoes too, but I also love the fruity-print and floof of the dress. You have great legs, so you could shorten it and it would show them off but retain its excellent floofiness.
I was soooo envious of the blogger get-together; you looked like you had such fun. If I wasn't an ocean away I would have joined you in a minute!

The Style Crone said...

Hoping that infections of all types have cleared from your home and family! How could there have been a 'muted' response to such a colorful and lovely dress that fits you like a glove?

There is so much blogger love leaping off the screen, all in your gorgeous outfits, laughing, shopping, drinking. Kindred spirits all!

citizen rosebud said...

I'm glad you and your fams are feeling better!

I got all teary reading about your meet up- what a great day that must have been. Warms my heart to feel the love from across the pond!

Speaking of love, I love the print of that dress- and it fits you so well. But I like your shoes- ha ha ha ha! It's not a dude's dress for sure, but spinster love- that dress rocks! As do you!

Monica - Colour makes people said...

I loved reading about your blogger meetup, you looked like a fabulous bunch :)

Mrs. D said...

Floofy is indeed a great word. Hope you are feeling better by now :)

Looks like you guys had a great time out!

First Person said...

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Krista said...

Hi sweetheart! I do hope this comment finds you and the whole household feeling better. I must say seeing you in this dress makes me all smiles and that guy who looked you up and down sounds like a total TOOL! You are even prettier and funnier in person and I can't tell you how out of this world it was to put my arms around you! AND yes why didn't you get those pants, you must be mad! Your gifts from Fiona are super sweet and sounds like came at just the right time.

I wish we could start that day all over again, it went by way too fast. Thanks for making it out to play, it was one of the best days of my life.

I wuvs you girl and that dress you wore that day was one of your best.

Georgia Rose said...

I am so madly envious that you got to meet those amazing blogger ladies!

karensomethingorother said...

I hope all of you are feeling better, Curtise, since infection BLOWS. What an asshole comment that guy made about your dress (comment without making a comment kind of comment). I was just thinking how lovely it was.

Also, I love the pictures of all you fashionable ladies together. It looks so fun. Wish I could have been there!

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry you've been a sicky-pants - hope you are feeling much much better! You look FABULARSE in that frock - I love the foofy skirt and the pretty sleeves. I absolutely LOOOVE these pics of your girls all together - the colour and love and fabulousness is exquisite. But I will NEVER forgive you for not buying those pants - you look INCREDIBLE in them!!! Love you more than antibiotics! Sarah xxx

Annie said...

I hope you and Littlest are feeling better now.

Your dress is lovely, the neckline really suits you. Floofy!

I was so sorry to miss you and the others at the blogger meetup. Next time! And big thanks for reminding me about this ace song! xx

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Hi my dear Curtise! Just popping back around to add more well-wishings, and to propose the wonderful Sheila of Ephemera as a very likely actual originator of "floofy" - at very least another day-brightening example of floofy-in-action:

xoxo's to you, delivered safely germ-free via internet!

Jean at said...

Sorry you've been under the weather!! You don't look it at all and I do love that dress. I understand the "looks" you refer to. The german city I visited was very conservative. It was strictly skinny jeans or old lady, nothing else. It was odd, to say the least.

Thank God for our blogging buddies, as you say. I would have given almost anything to have been with you all. Maybe next time!!

Love you and feel better!!

Nikki @ Penelope Cat Vintage said...

What a fab dress, I thought it looked quite 1950s too. I love the angel sleeves and I'm a big fan of novelty prints and floof in general.

It's definitely a holiday frock. All the pics from the meetup are fantastic but I love that one of you in the flares! I love them, I can't believe you didn't buy them.

Glad you had a great time.

Nikki x