Sunday, 26 February 2012

Queen of the Jumble

                                                    Would you buy jumble from this woman?

                                                         Sure you would - if it was 20p an item!

We had a mad Friday afternoon setting up and sorting. There was a point at which I wasn't sure it was all going to fit in the school hall, we had so much jumble, but it's amazing what can be achieved with a willing band of hard workers.

                                                                  Bric-a-brac and linens.

                                                            Women's clothes and accessories.

Kids' clothes

                                                                         Cuddly toy corner!

                                                                   Wonderful display of cakery.

                                    Don't worry, the spelling mistake was corrected before we opened!

  Ruth might not be the best speller, but she was rocking her grandma's 1960s Harrods housecoat and pearls!

Underneath the manic make-up, housecoats and headscarves are my lovely friends the Guymer sisters, Tracey and Karen. Tracey made all the cakestands for the cafe, and both of them worked so hard.

           I don't have a housecoat, so I went with a 1970s bright red flirty frock from St. Mary's vintage market.

                                                       At least I was noticeable in the crowd!

 1970s frock (vintage market), boots (Ebay), bangles, denim jacket and tights (charity shops), belt and hair flower (retail, sale)

It was an incredibly busy event, I really enjoyed it, but got a little irritated with a couple of women, clearly dealers, who grabbed armfuls of stuff and were not a little aggressive to other customers and helpers alike.

                                                                    Picture the scene;

Me: [to a dealer who had huge bagfuls of stuff, all at 20p an item] "That's £5.40 please."
Woman: "Shall we make it £5?"
Me: "Shall we make it £5.40?"

Good grief, she's going to make a ton of money at a carboot or market with that stuff, and she's haggling over 40p!

But for the most part, everyone was delightful, there were loads of punters (not many in hats, sadly) and although we did have a lot of items left at the end, we sold sold sold like women possessed.

                                  Grand total? Why, that would be £1200. Not bad, not bad at all!

I came home with bits and pieces, I didn't really have time to rummage myself, and there was nothing vintage to speak of, but I did spot this.


                    A rather battered but very delightful 1956 copy of Fun with Dick and Jane - cute, no?

And my favourite thing of the day? There were many, but when Tracey popped round at teatime with a bottle of wine and this card, I felt the warm glow of success!


Vix said...

Wow!! What a result! Well worth all that effort! It looks like you had some astounding generous donations, too.
Loved the granny outfits (I'd steal the longer one in a heartbeat) and you look drop dead fabulous, I love you in red and those boots are hot!
Grrr! Those dealers make me mad. There were a couple who turned up in a Lexus with a stupid numberplate last Saturday and refused to pay the 50p entrance fee as it was "too expensive". Arses! xxxxxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hurrah, we all knew YOUR jumble would be a great success! Love your dress and the hilarious get-up of your mates. £1200 is amazing I think. Seriously well done xxx

***Faith Hope and Charity Shopping first blogiversary giveaway open now***

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Whatabitch, I never haggle at jumbles. I hate those people, they usually smell funny too don't they?

Well done oh queen of the jumble!

Rosemary the Shopper said...

Fun with Dick and Jane??? I remember that. Gosh, that officially makes me ancient!!

Would I buy second hand from this woman? Heck, I would buy it from a Marsian with 2 heads if it was what I wanted. And you can bet at 20p an item, there would be LOTS I'd want!

Good for you for stamping on that haggler for the 40p. People can get carried away sometimes. I remember a garage sale in Canada where someone wanted some really nice hard cover books for next to nothing. I said, "no, I'd rather give them to the library." Mr. Obnoxious said, "well, then you wouldn't get anything." To which I had to say, "well, that's MY choice!" (In other words, bug off!)

Cheers, Rosemary from England

Rosemary the Shopper said...

Sorry, had to leave a second comment. Just spied your photo of Diane Keaton from the movie Annie Hall. LOVED that movie. Especially the thought comments that came from Woody Allen. Hilarious!


joyatri said...

Well done! I'm glad to see that all your hard work paid off.
How tacky to haggle at a jumble sale and for such a pittance. You should have responded, "Now it's 6." I've done that at my yard sales to aggressive hagglers. Even to the point of refusing to sell something to rude people, like Rosemary mentioned above.
Love the power red dress, too.

karensomethingorother said...

Oh so much fun! That's it. I'm officially CRAMMED with envy and covet. I want those grandmotherly PEARLS the one lady is wearing, I want YOUR DRESS, and I want to be able to fit in your dress (most important I figure). THERE'S ONLY JUNK IN THIS CITY! The world does not need another second-hand chenille sweater. Blech.

I want some pearls damn it! I'd better do some more serious hunting.

Krista said...

You kicked arse Curtise and might I add looked pretty smoking hot while doing it! I love this dress on you and those boots are a favorite! It looks like a great day I see you doing this again. What greedy little shits you should have said that will be 6 pounds!!! All those cakes lot divine and I would have gobbled up plenty.

Melanie said...

You look so grand in red with your hair flower! Congratulations on your jumble sale success. First I'd hit the sweets table, then I'd hit the clothing to hunt for treasure, then I'd go BACK to the sweets table.

Louise Mc said...

Love, love, love the red dress. You look fabulous and bright.

That looks like a great jumble, I wish I could find one like that, there's no way I'd be haggling about anything for 20p.


Anonymous said...

That frock is lush!!! So many goodies on offer!! Those cakes looked scrummy too!


two squirrels said...

Yay to the wonderful Miss Curtise!!!! Well done sweet the jumble looked amazing and wow what a great total.
Must say you looked so very pretty in the red dress!!!
As a dealer(yuck I've always hated that I am one) the ones that you had really rip my undies. We always paid what was asked and in most cases I would have given you $6 and said keep the change. We are all not yucky.
Happiness to you
Love and jumbles V

Forest City Fashionista said...

I would most definitely buy jumble from you, but I would first have to compliment you on your gorgeous frock!
Congratulations on a successful sale, and for making that horrible woman pay her 40p! Really, how can anyone have the gall to haggle at a Jumble sale. Were those brownies I spy in the photo of the cake table? My weakness!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh I've got up this beautiful Monday morning and your post has given me a cracking start to the week!! You are a bloody champion. Y'here me? A CHAMPION I say!!! The before shots of the jumble room look so incredibly well-ordered and dig-worthy. As for the soft toys, I can imagine them being flung around the room and jumped on by every small child around - so tempting! Hehehe! The cake stands are divine - I would be asking to by the cakes stands and all - clever Tracey and what a hoot are the team in their tea-lady garb. Oh my, I feel a Mrs Doyle moment coming on "tea Father's? Ah go on!". Your frock is enough to make me make a beeline for Sheffield and raid your wardrobe - I don't wear much red but this number is a winner! You must be exhausted - time to put your feet up love - congratulations! xoxoxoxoxoxxo

Fiona said...

I just knew YOUR JS would be a rip roaring success with you organising it, £1200 is an outstanding result.
Can't believe those tight-arse people that haggle over a few pence. Have they not read Vix's JS etiquette post??? Loved the Mrs Overall ladies and the cakes looked just divine. Have a well deserved rest now.

Scarlett said...

Beautiful dress! Looks like a fabulous jumble, much more organised that the rumble in the jumble i go to. Also looks like you get way better donations! Scarlett x

Max said...

Cool, i would have loved a rumble in that jumble!
You look gorg in your flamenco fashion x

Clara Turbay said...

Very creative and chic. Your style is great.

Kylie said...

What is it with stuffed toys?
I often wonder why people buy them in the first place, they seem to be shipped off pretty quickly to oppies and jumbles like yours. We used to get tonnes(!) of them at the op-shop I volunteer at, didn't sell many though...
Love you in red. It's a very pretty dress. Good spotting on the Dick and Jane reader too.

Debberoo said...

OMG fantastic!!! A real proper jumble sale AND with cakes too, it just doesn't get any better than that.

You and your trusty crew did a fabulous job and raised loads of lovely dosh, score!

Anonymous said...

Wow you're a successful mogul now! Red dress is great on you & I love the tights and boots. Those cupcakes look very yummy!

Anonymous said...

You look wondrous in your boots and dress! The sale was a big success and you handled the pushy dealers with tact and assertiveness. Looks like it was great fun.

Dick and Jane taught me how to read.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Love your red outfit. You look amazing as always! Hope you're feeling much better now too. Xx

Vintage Coconut said...

$1200.00 That is fantastic!!
Well done to you and everyone who helped.

(OF COURSE I would buy jumble from you... I would buy ice cubes from you if you wanted to sell some.) *lol*

You look gorgeous love that dress.
(YOU HAD A HELLUVA lot of jumble stuff WOW)

Trees said...

Nice work!! I want to come and shop at the jumble sale....looks like a lot of fun and I love that orange frock you're wearing.

Also I didn't get your e-mail (boo!!) do you want to try again? My address is

Rose&Bird said...

I'd definitely buy jumble from you! You look great and I love the other outfits too, everyone made such an effort.
Can't stand pushy/rude dealers either (as per my blog post). I don't actively mention that I sell on some of my finds (but would if anyone asked), but I gladly pay what's charged and often tell them to keep the change. Actually anyone who's got the cheek to haggle at a jumble or charity shop deserves to be thrown out in my opinion.

Glad you raised so much and the cakes look yummy - did you get any leftovers as perks?!

Unknown said...

Ooh congrats, Love! That is a fantastic result and jesus wept, I adore that red frock! The silhouette and the fabric and colour are PERFECT on you - STUNNING, in fact! Also, of course, love your hair flower - and that denim jacket is fab. You rock, Cap'n! Love! Sarah xxx

Mimi and Tilly said...

What a fantastic jumble! I'd have loved to have gone if I were closer! You look stunning as ever. The red is gorgeous on you. Well done, all your hard work paid of with a fantabulous £1200 reward. Haggling over 40p?! There are no words. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog this week. Your kind words never fail to warm my heart. Big hugs, Em x

lucy joy said...

Best dress I've seen on you I reckon, it's perfect for you.

I want to go to a jumble sale like that, - what kind of jerk quibbles over 40p?

I've missed so much, hope to get back on track. Feel cross with myself!

Lucy x

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I bow to the Queen of the Jumble! I can't believe how much stock you got and 1200 pounds what a great result. I'm glad it was a great day minus the twits. xx

Helga said...

I would buy MORE than jumble from you,if you're gonna be looking like that!
Yay,you are a success!We knew that anyways,but o how fabulosu that your jumble went well, and you made a profit,and you looked like a minxy hot wench throughout!
Well done,sweets!
Love your work!

Helga said...

O,yeah,fuck the hagglers.What IS it with these nasty wankers?!GRRRR.

Vicky Hayes said...

Oh where are the jumble sales around here? (Buckingham) I adore jumble sales but I have a feeling the charity shops have put paid to them. I love how everyone dressed up at your event and £1200 is a very impressive total. Love the Dick and Jane book you found and what a fab card to be given - with wine too!

doradadama said...

Hell yeah i buy anything from you in that fab red dress!
You will have to show me some legs first though.
What an organized clean jumble, ours are always smelly and they never offer us cupcakes.
Loved how all the girls dressed in house coats.

mispapelicos said...

How did I missed this post, ahhhhhhhhhhh I am drooling all over those gorgeous clothes, ahhhhhhhhhhh.
Your dress is sooooo divine, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh