Monday, 10 August 2015


You know I love a floral print.

And purple, I love purple too.

Told you.

I found this little purple jacket on a £1 sale rail in a charity shop, and very useful it is too as an alternative to my denim jacket. 

Everything charity shopped, apart from Charlie - he was a freebie.

Jacket, top, vintage Austrian crystal necklace and bangles - charity shopped
1970s Debroyal maxi skirt - vintage fair
Sandals - retail (sale)

While I was visiting Patsy the other weekend, we visited Helmsley, a pretty North Yorkshire market town.

The imposing ruins of Helmsley castle.

 The walled gardens were a real treat.

Beautiful borders...

and fabulous blooms.

So much vibrant colour, I loved it.

And the best garden seat ever.

I could have stayed all afternoon.

You'll have to excuse me, I haven't got much to say at the moment. I think working all through the summer holidays is leaving my brain slightly doughy and my energy levels depleted.

 So I'll let this little Russian-made sweetheart wave goodbye for me! She's grateful because I rescued her from the charity shop bin.

I'll come and visit you all soon, I promise.



Patti said...

That's a wonderful little jacket - a nice switch-off from denim. You look lovely and so does Patsy (and Helmsley).

SAM said...

Ahh-you hit on one of my "look for's", a jacket or two that can be paired with skirts, jeans, pants, or anything, structured but casual. I continue to be inspired by the combination of the long flowy skirts, and more tailored looks. I have more purging of poor fitting, poor quality stuff to get out of my closet thought to make room for the good things. It amazes me how the grounds on the old church and castle estates are so well maintained-simply gorgeous and thanks for sharing.

Kezzie said...

That jacket is a corker! I love it. You really do rock a maxi skirt!
Helmsley looks a jolly old place to make a visit to. What is it near to?
Sorry you are super tired, hope you get a break .xx

Lynn Holland said...

Hi Curtise
I'm loving the blue skirt and you beat me with your bargain jacket at a £1. I paid £4.20 for a red one. I need to get blogging myself about our London trip and the free Harpers Bazaar magazine that has led to much colour mixing in my wardrobe.
Your little Russian doll was well worth saving she is gorgeous.
Lynn x x x

Angels have Red Hair said...

Gorgeous gardens, fab jacket and that little doll is just the sweetest thing ever.

Connie said...

Floral Maxilicious! You're just another blossom in the garden. Seriously pretty.

Goody said...

Oh yes, a purple jacket will serve your wardrobe well. Such nice statuary tucked into the gardens too-I love the little elephant. The apples are much further along than ours which are just small pitiful green things at this point.

No need to apologize for being tired from other obligations-it makes your posts all the more enjoyable when you do.

I think you need to name the doll Masha. I would.

Suzanne Carillo said...

I had a Russian doll like that when I was a kid! She waves when you tap her : ) How fun to see this again.

That garden is stunning! Wow! What a fabulous place to visit.

Love all your purple, so great with your hair. Makes me think I need to wear a bit more purple.


Trees said...

That darling Russian doll was in a charity shop - how could anyone say goodbye to her!! Also you're looking amazing in purple, that blazer is perfect for you. Those gardens are divine - I can't wait till spring so I can actually enjoy walking around the botanical gardens again!

Laurie Duncan said...

Oh those flowers are beautiful and so are your outfits. But I especially love that little Russian girl!

beate grigutsch said...

that little doll did stand in many color variations in many households in my childhood! :-)
so you like purple? i never had guessed ;-) the little tailleur is trés chic!!
and english gardens!!!! how do they do it??? very beautiful!!!
(why do you think you don´t have much to tell? it´s a lot i think!)
enjoy the summer, dear curtise! xxxxx

Ivy Black said... comment on your last post didn't stick for some reason so I'm slapping a bit of Araldite on the back of this one.

Stunning in florals, so you are. And you do look lush in purple and a quid for that jacket is bargainacious to say the least.
Looks like a glorious day out. I love a walled garden, they are full of inspiration,possibility and perhaps a lusty gardener pushing a barrow.
In my head, my boarders look like that. In reality the dog craps in 'em, the cat sleeps in 'em and the slugs help themselves to everything going!
A Russian lass like that was going for £28 in the market on Sunday; or rather she wasn't but I'm sure she had a lovely day out waving at the passers by!
Now, if this comment doesn't stay, I'm coming back with a hammer and nails..
Loves ya!

BadPenny said...

Love the bold floral skirt. I need to get out to a garden having seen your pictures !


Sue said...

I love purple too, cute jacket. I think my heart skipped a beat at all that glorious summer colour in your photos. Another much appreciated tour enjoyed by me.

Lisa said...

How could anyone throw out the little doll?!
My favourite rail in the charity shops are the £1 rails. I bought myself and my daughter a skirt each from one last week. Mind you I then went on to buy her a couple more for 50p each at the car boot on Sunday which is even better!
Love the floral outfits.
Your castle visit looked lovely, a great day out destination.
Lisa x

Delia West said...

You visit some amazing places the castle and grounds look wonderful those flowers are gorgeous so much beautiful colour everywhere today including yourself. loving your new jacket and your purple flower skirt is gorgeous to. dee xx

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

I wear exactly the same scale of color today. Great minds think alike, etc.

Jazzy Jack said...

So many gorgeous places near you! Or you're just a great photographer...or both!
You know I don't worry if you can't visit. I love visiting you! Gorgeous purple with the prints and your hair.
That seat!!! And the little the bin?..gasp :-o xo Jazzy Jack

Vix said...

...and those florals love you, baby!
Those skirts are gorgeous and I love the purple jacket with them. What a bargain! Charlie's the best freebie ever.
Helmsley Castle is beautiful and the gardens are just how I like them, a bit wild around the edges. I'd kill for a garden seat like that. What a fab day out, glad you're getting a bit of free time with all this work malarky!
Love you! xxxxx

Mrs Bertimus said...

What fab finds and beautiful flower photos x

mondoagogo said...

Every time you post these days I find myself wondering what treasures are being chucked away in all my local charity shops (because they hardly ever have any vintage stuff). That doll is cute, and the jacket looks great against your hair.

Fiona said...

So glad Svetlana was saved. (Masha sounds like a bovver-booted skinhead who's stepped out of The Beano) Fancy binning her!
The gardens at Helmsley are delightful, I wonder how they control the bastard slugs? Top marks on your perfect purple purchase, it fits you like a glove and looks a treat with your Debroyal, especially.

Aya in Couturgatory said...

Ooh, are those pintucks I spy on the shoulders of the purple blazer? Three quarter sleeves? Awesome over jeans or skirts? You hit a charity shop jackpot. :D It looks fantastic on you; I like it paired with the saucy side-smile you're wearing in the first pic.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Those gardens are lovely - I like that they have some wildness to them! There seems to be so many interesting little places located very close to you - thank you for sharing them with us! You are wearing your own little garden in these two outfits ;)

Ooooo, what a sweet little doll! I would have scooped her up to take home too. She could have hung out with my Ukrainian one I found at a local yard sale.

Miss Magpie said...

Purple is the best. Those gardens are magnificent what a lovely day out.

I'm so glad you rescued that cute little doll and Charlie is the best freebie ever. xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Curtise. I especially love the vibrant purple with bright orangey-red.
A purple blazer? Yes please!! Minimal didn't last very long with me.....;)

The Style Crone said...

The radiant blooms near the Helmsley castle are reflected in the gorgeous floral prints of your maxi skirts. I always love the photos of your travels; you live in a beautiful country. I can see why you love purple, as it looks stunning on you. A beautiful summer post, Curtise!

Mim said...

Oh, lovely gardens - there are some smashing dahlias in there. I love dahlias, and haven't grown any at all this year. Most lax.

Free cats sounds like an excellent bargain.

Melanie said...

I can only imagine living in a place where you can say, oh, let's just pop around to the castle for a stroll, shall we? Haha. Such beautiful gardens. Your new jacket (such a great deal!) is absolutely winning. It looks so different with each outfit but just as perfect for both.

Diane said...

We've done a lot of camping in Helmsley but I've never done the garden. Looks fab. Loving the outfits as ever. xx

Mother of Reinvention said...

Purple is fabulous on you. That jacket is stunning and how great to find it for a pound. I love the look of Helmsley. The gardens are so beautiful and the colours of the planting are inspired. It looks so nice, I wouldn't have wanted to go either. I like your floral outfits but especially that Debroyal skirt. I know what you mean about working! Hope that you have a nice chance to recover over the weekend. Xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Great jacket Curtise! It really suits you. I love it with that vibrant purple maxi skirt. I hope you'll still have some down time through the rest of summer. I'm sure this working thing takes a bit to get used to! Xx

señora Allnut said...

wouuu, such a fabulous Purple jacket, lovely color and lovely shape!. Love particularly how it matches both your floral maxis, it's an amazing piece!
And I'm enjoying all those flowers and beautiful paths and old ruins as a evocative background!. Gorgeous!

Maria at inredningsvis said...

I LOVE your vintage retro style :) and your blog is so cozy and personal

Check out my new post- 6 sexy coffey tables :)

have a fab weekend dear

LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor

freckleface said...

Purple is lovely and it really suits you. If I'm not mistaken you have a cardi in exactly that shade. Don't worry I'm not stalking you. Honestly. Well, maybe a bit. Helmsley, that's Q's neck of the woods. He starts to sit up in his seat a bit more and point at things. But he's never mentioned the castle to me and those borders. I'll have to ask questions. Your Russian lady is friendly. I like that. Doughy? I hardly know my own name most of the time! Xxxxxx

The Vintage Knitter said...

Fab jacket and it looks like it goes with lots of your maxis - bonus! What a beautiful place Helmsley Castle is, I'd love to have abundant borders like those in my garden.

I know just what you mean about not saying much on the blog front. I'm well lacking behind in my posts xxx