Sunday, 5 April 2015

Doing the double

I'm not a betting woman (too tight for that) but I'd put money on this being the first time I have ever worn Double Denim.

Blame it on the Seventies.

Or the fact that I wanted to get out of the house yesterday morning without over-thinking my choice of jacket.

And if it's good enough for Debbie...

My version is typically thrifty.

1970s C&A denim skirt (£3), belt (£1) and embroidered peasant blouse (£1.49) - charity shopped
Benetton bleached denim jacket (50p) - jumble sale
1980s boots (£8) - Second to None
Beret - free (rescued from the charity shop rag bag)

Total £14.

But if I'm honest, I can't quite get over the thought that Double Denim is just too much of a good thing, and I do prefer a contrast.

Same skirt, plus 1960s jacket and 1970s pussy bow blouse - charity shopped

And the skirt will look best of all in summer, I think, with short-sleeved tops, bare legs and wedge sandals.

I've been picking up all sorts of bits and bobs in the charity shops over the last couple of weeks.

Blingy jewellery at £1 apiece, a 1960-70s raffia bag (£2), and a 1960s turquoise Carnaby Daisy Pyrex dish (£1).

Incidentally, the same piece of Pyrex, also minus its lid, recently sold on Ebay for an astonishing £171. Some colours and designs are very desirable, it seems.

Battered old tin trays with Oriental designs - 50p each.

1976 Brer Rabbit story book with wonderful illustrations - 25p.

1960-70s sewing patterns - 20p each.

I came across a whole stash of patterns, all the same size, so I suspect they belonged to the same woman.

I even know her name - Mrs S Christmas. She ordered patterns from magazines, and several were still in their self-addressed envelopes. Two different addresses - judging from the streets, I reckon she moved from a little terrace to a new house or maisonette on a big estate in the mid-Sixties.

I wonder what that S stood for... Sylvia? Susan? Scheherazade?

Scheherazade Christmas would be a superb name. 

This pattern from Woman's Weekly is the same age as me.

I don't know about you, but despite the ladylike frocks, I reckon those girls are hard as nails, especially the one modelling the Day Dress. I wouldn't mess with her. 

I popped to a small local car boot this morning, and enjoyed bumping into people I know for a chat, and admiring the merchandise.

I managed to resist the Wings of Love and the collection of 1970s bridesmaid dresses...

but for a whole English pound, I thought the 1960s beaded tiger bag deserved a home.

Last of the big spenders, aren't I?

I'll be joining Patti and friends for Visible Monday - see you there!



Anonymous said...

Am I hear first? Well blow me away! You do the double denim here better than all the examples you've shown. Much better!

Ivy Black said...

Does anyone do double denim like you? I think not.
Fab haul from your barginacious chazzas. Love the Pyrex and I see it for silly money at fairs all the time. Patterns for 20p? Get in. I love that they all belonged to Mrs Christmas. I bet she was a mean seamstress. S for Sylvie I think. Sylvie Christmas. I must write a book with her as the heroine. A dressmaking crime fighter.
Wings of Love...the vintage print we all leave behind I think!!
Loves ya.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

That tiger bag!!!!!! I love denim skirts. You're totally right about them looking perfect with almost any summer top. I have a weird little denim shirt thing that I wear as a jacket. Double denim can be tricky. That turquoise pyrex is so lovely. I wouldn't mess with Miss 'Day Dress' either. Looks like she should have a switchblade in that hand.

Liz said...

Love the double denim! I agree about the girl in the day dress - fierce!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Vix said...

Double denim but not a hint of Status Quo, I'll give it the thumbs up!
That skirt is ace, way better than those naff Seventies-inspired high street alternatives. it looks great with boots and will be perfect when it's warmer, too.
Great scores. We wouldn't be half decent vintage bloggers without at least one beaded animal bag - I've got two pandas and a peacock. Love your tiger.
That bitchy faced pattern model looks a right old cow.
How mad is that Pyrex? I saw the discussion on eBay.
Love you! xxxxx

Goody said...

I don't currently own a denim jacket, but I wouldn't hesitate to do the double-you've clearly mastered it. Just avoid doing jeans, chambray shirt AND denim jacket as a "triple" is far too much for anyone, no matter the rock and roll pedigree.

Well look at all the prizes you brought home. The beaded bag is a treasure. I imagine the "S" stands for, "Santa." Perhaps, "Snowy". Promise if you sew up something you will call it your, "Mrs. Christmas Dress."

Ms. Day dress has fashioned a pointed weapon from a spent tube of lipstick, and hidden it in her bouffant.

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Ooh, tiger, tiger!!! I love both outfits with your denim skirt, and agree that you rock the double denim supreme. I have a sort of exasperated affection for '70s fashion but a pure and abiding one for old Pyrex patterns (though I own none) and their names. I've seen a few fabulous Pyrex tattoos that make me wish I was any kind of good cook. :) xoxo

Winter Moon said...

So many gorgeous finds! People go crazy for pale blue pyrex, it seems!

I don't own a single item of denim clothing. I know I used to, but can't think where it all went over the years.

I hope you're having a wonderful Easter with your lovely family. xx

Natalia Lialina said...

I really really really like your double denim, Curtise! Gorgeous with the red boots and blue beret!! But of course, the skirt will look great with any of your pretty blouses and sandals in the Summer too - and so will the denim jacket too, so flattering on your figure! I'm in awe with your tiger beaded bag - they are so vibrant, those bags! I also find items that make me think that they use to belong to the same closet, I like such stories. Scheherazade Christmas - what a name!

When I found that blue floral blouse at Goodwill earlier this week, I immediately thought of you! It's very you, and I'm glad you liked it. I also thought that it might be from the 70s, thought the condition is so perfect, like it was made yesterday.

I still can't believe the prices in your charity shops. Unbeatable! xxx

Kezzie said...

Ok, so I know/knew a lady called Shenka Christmas, it could belong to her. Her husband was called Bill!
You make the double denim work well, I wasn't too sure of that combo before! You found some nuce items. I quite like the brudesmauds dressees from a distance but bet they are hideous up close!@!
Hope you have had a great weekend.x

diaryofapennypincher said...

I'm with you on the double denim, way too much of a good thing! Unfortunately, I have photographic evidence that I did double denim in the 70's (oh the shame!). I wouldn't mess with day dress girl either, she looks well hard!

Lesley Extance said...

Curiae I love your double denim outfit, mine you I liked all your different ways ,happy Easter best wishes x

Lesley Extance said...

Sorry Curtise, I must have pressed the wrong button and misspelled your name x

The Vintage Knitter said...

I can't do double denim as I look like a Status Quo groupie!! Nice haul there, especially the Pyrex and those tin trays are great. But those patterns at 20p each are the tops.

P.S. I reckon the 'S' is for 'Sheree'. xxx

Suzanne Carillo said...

I applaud that you didn't call it the dreaded "Canadian Tuxedo" I hate that term. Here we call double denim the "Texas Tuxedo". LOL Really though it is denim head to toe and you've broken yours up here with the wonderful red and white. I ADORE the boots!

A-lines are such an easy fun skirt to wear.

The bag is fun too. A real conversation piece : )


Miss Magpie said...

Rocking the double denim like no one else could.

I love the beaded tiger bag good save.

thorne garnet said...

Miss Day Dress looks like she's got a knife in her hair. Look out!Love the Asian trays

Shawna McComber said...

While I would not say I am a fan of double denim I see examples sometimes which are good ones and I think oh if she can make it look good, maybe I can. Nope. I think yours looks great though my favourite is the denim skirt with the yellow. What a trove of treasures you found. I am certain the pattern owner must have been named Scheherazade Christmas. How could she not have been? Day dress woman looks to be armed with a sonic screwdriver. I wonder where her Tardis is. xoxoxo

Laurie Duncan said...

I feel the same way about double denim as you, but I think the look worked because you had to different shades. That skirt is really great, I NEED to make a denim skirt for summer! Love that daisy pyrex, right up my alley! :)

Melanie said...

There seems to be a denim bug. Your double denim looks great! Triple, quintuple - that's when things really start to get serious. The photo montage with you in the center is great. And Ms. Harry in high-waisted? I guess those were the times.
Also, great thrifting haul but I am especially weak for your Tiger bag and the patterns, oh yes.

Sheila said...

Wow, that tiger bag is big! I love it! Also fun seeing you in the "Canadian Tuxedo!"

Patti said...

You do the double denim proud, C. And that tiger bag -- it's best of show! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you look faboo. xo

Angels have Red Hair said...

I've always been a little wary of the double denim combination ... but you (and Debbie) pull it off with flair. The secret must be to not try and match your denims. That would definitely be too much of a good thing. Love all hour great finds ... will you be selling on your Pyrex and making a fortune?

Olga Rani said...

I do love your double denim outfit, you look so youthful in it! Great finds, those Chinese motif trays and the tiger bag are simply amazing!

Northern mum down South said...

Some days just getting out of the house has to be your first priority but you actually do double denim rather well. Great finds and I have car boot withdrawal symptoms so hope our local one starts up soon. xx

beate grigutsch said...

you are doing denim - even double denim - in a way that even i like!!!! (denim dis-liker that i´m)
the ensemble with the east-european folk blouse is totally fab!!! perfect with the red boots! and yes - the skirt will serve you the whole summer in lots of different styles!
and did you find great treasures! i´m so bored with the fleamarkets around here.....
pretty flowers in your garden!!!
hugses (like natasha would say) !!! xxxxxx

Beth Waltz said...

Double denim around here means cowboy boots, a stockman's straw hat, and perhaps an overfed Quarter horse. Do you ride?

I agree, the skirt works with the jacket because the fabrics meld but do not match. I think a skirt that heavy needs the tall boots -- sandals are too lightweight -- and that funny tiger bag. The last look is a winner for a spring into summer day.

Mother of Reinvention said...

Loving the double denim. You can definitely pull it off. The tiger bag is a bit of loveliness and what a good haul, especially the sewing patterns, but I am of course biased. I have yellow and orange ombre Pyrex casserole dishes. They cost me a couple of Euros each. I adore them. Hope that you and all your family are having a lovely break. Xxxx

Bobbi said...

That denim skirt looks great with everything. Of course, you have a way of putting together a fab outfit.
Cool sewing patterns! I always wonder about the previous owners - did the make it, what were they like, how did the pattern wind up being for sale...stuff like that.
The Oriental trays are beautiful.
And I think the tiger purse found the perfect home!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I'm glad you gave the tiger bag a home - the perfect accessorie for double, or single denim. I can't believe how much old pyrex sells for these days. I do love the colour of that piece you found.

I purchased a denim jacket recently so as to try one of your "jacket and dress combos" when the weather warms up. I like the cut of the jacket you're wearing, and the super-fade means it doesn't look matchy-matchy.

Mim said...

Oh, beaded tiger bag is EXCELLENT! How it could have needed a home in the first place is beyond me. Well done for rescuing it.

I haven't worn single denim in a couple of decades, don't think I've ever worn double!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Darling Curtise,

The Double Denim look is great on you, especially when lifted right up to date with the flashes of red in boots, top and bangles. Somehow you have a talent of breathing new life into these worn weary clothes and they really do have a second wind in your talented hands. As is so often the is not what one has but what one does with it that counts!

How wonderful to have name like Mrs Christmas although perhaps one could seem a little out of season in Spring. Or, perhaps, that was her middle name......Spring or that would keep her up to date all year round.

Yes, we know exactly what you mean about the fearsome women on the cover of the sewing patterns. They look as if they could take a car apart, put it back together, clean the house from top to bottom, knit a baby's layette, prepare a week's meals, make jam and do the ironing all before lunch. We have never identified with them......and cannot sew......!!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Okaaay... I'm now a converted Pyrex hunter! That's insane money! Your outfit however is bargainous beyond belief, even if it is double denim. Sorry. Makes me think of Status Quo. Have I ruined it for you now? Your berets are the saving grace. You must have quite a collection! Enjoy the hols. xxxx

Virginia at A Sewing Life said...

So much to love in this post! That denim skirt looks great with everything. You wear boots so well.

I am jealous of your access to vintage Style patterns. Somehow they always appeal to me, but I don't think they were distributed in the U.S., or at least not widely. The only one I have (must make) was bought of eBay.

Keep on enjoying your spectacular shopping successes!

The Style Crone said...

I've not tried double denim, but your example has inspired me. Especially with the beret. I think I may give it a try.

As usual, your charity shop finds are intriguing. I love the tin trays and of course the vintage patterns. And the outstanding beaded tiger bag. You wear it beautifully!

Fiona said...

I would have probably given double denim a swerve previously, to avoid looking like Messrs Rossi and Parfitt. But you Mrs, have pulled it off with aplomb. I'm loving the gypsy blouse and beaded bag...didn't we all have one of those back in the day? £171 for Pyrex!!! insane is that? Good on you if you can come anywhere close to that figure. I reckon Mrs. Christmas was called Sadie, I think she was getting on a bit (the handwriting tells me) and made the dresses for her daughter-in-law, Linda.
As for Miss Day dress, I bet she was a right bitch in the typing pool. Have a lovely week. xxx

Mrs Bertimus said...

Double denim is SO this season!
You work it well girl friend! X

Jazzy Jack said...

Double denim with two different tones as you do here is lovely. It's denim's fault for being so comfortable!
Love all your finds and the lovely way you photograph them.
The stand out for me is definitely the tiger bag. Kapow! xo Jazzy Jack

Trees said...

Nothing wrong with being a big spender;) That tiger bag is incredible, obviously you couldn't leave that behind! I think I did double denim in the later 80's with stone wash dungarees and dark denim jacket - I have always had excellent style. Like you say, if its good enough for Debbie ;)

Sue said...

Look at you in short sleeves and boots. This can only mean your weather is getting warmer.

freckleface said...

Double denim, eh? I had a jeans and waistcoat set which I wore to death when I was about 13, but that was a looong time ago! You wear it well, and you're right. If it's good enough for Debbie, it's good enough for all of us. You've found all sorts of treasures there. The beaded bag, the filagree-alike necklace and the tin trays are favourite. Are they barret ware? If so, I have one, which I love. I got Q to add barley twist legs and made it into a side table. Xxxxx

Melanie said...

Your comment about Day Dress lady made me laugh! I fully agree, hehe!

I have never done double denim but I do have Wings of Love in the hall xxx

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Found my first vintage pyrex score on Wednesday. Thank you for this educational post! xxxx

Catherine said...

A Canadian tuxedo I believe they are now called! YOU look fab, just like the gorgeous 70s versions shown. they don't look so lumber jack with their tall boots and shirts. I love your black blouse too!

I love to daydream about my patterns previous owners. Sometimes i try to google the names to see if they come up in any of those ancestry sites to see where they lived or might have done for work.