Friday, 27 February 2015

In neutral

I've been waiting all winter for my annual cold of epic proportions to hit, and it's finally arrived. So be gentle with me, I feel fragile. 

Nah, not really - I'm tough as old boots, but currently with added phelgm. Mmmm.
I am feeling the need to apologise to my darling friend Vix for these outfits; she'll be most disappointed with my lack of colour (see her post on the subject here). 
Between Monday's denim and leopard print and today's denim and lurex, I did wear plenty of green, red, purple and orange, honest; I just didn't take any photos.

Denim dress, top, belt, beret and leather patchwork bag - charity shopped
1970s Wallis cropped faux fur jacket - Kinky Melon's Retro Boutique
Boots - retail

This outfit reminded me of Natalia's Girl Next Door look here; she wondered whether neutral colours and casual clothes are necessarily predictable and boring. 

Well, denim and leopard print are neutrals, aren't they? And this is about as casual as I get. You'll have to decide whether it's boring or not!

I'll link my blue beret with added flare (if not flair) to Judith's Hat Attack.  

There is a Seventies vibe going on, though neither dress nor top are vintage. Both items cost just a £1 each from charity shop sale rails.

1970s Alexon lurex maxi skirt, Levi's denim jacket, top, suede waistcoat, scarf, bangles and boots - all charity shopped
1960s tapestry bag - gift from Gisela
The gloomy light is making everything look grey... And that really is a neutral too far for me. 

In reality, the waistcoat is more of a petrol blue, and the skirt is sparkly black/silver lurex. 

That's better!

I was pleased to find the Levi's denim jacket for a fiver yesterday; I bought it for Claudia really, since she has purloined permanently borrowed one of mine, but I might keep it. In all likelihood, we'll share.

The Alexon maxi skirt was in a bag of donations given to the charity shop on Wednesday...

along with several other 1970s treasures; a lurex blouse/jacket hailing from Leicester, two slinky and glamorous maxi dresses (sadly too tiny for me), a Louis Feraud skirt, and a 1960-70s wooden beaded bag.

My fellow volunteers laughed at me for squealing ooh, lurex! as I pulled the skirt and blouse out of the bag. I know they think I'm bonkers, but the bonkers lady has raised over £1000 for the hospice, and has been mentioned in dispatches. 
Well, in the shop's weekly bulletin from the manager anyway. Oh yes, they took the piss out of me about that as well; we've reached that stage of a friendship where some gentle leg-pulling is permitted, and I love it.

Thank heavens (or rather Kirsty) for a haircut yesterday, it was much needed and very therapeutic. And I'm relieved to be approaching the weekend too; Chinese food and folk music are on my agenda, what about you?

Hope you have a good one!



Vix said...

Oh no, not the dreaded lurgy. You certainly don't look like you're struggling and no, I'm not in the least bit disappointed, the denim blue in your photos is positively popping out of my screen, the bright blue beret looks gorgeous against your red hair.
Great scores, that layered maxi and the lurex - stunners!
What fun to be able to share a jacket with Claudia.
Have a fab folk & Chinese food weekend. Feel better soon.
Love you! xxxx

beate grigutsch said...

over 1000,-!!! wow! congrats!!!!
and i´m with vix - nothing is bland and boring on your outfits!!! hope the cold will leave you soon - wish you a wonderful weekend - chinese food and folky music sounds like something i would happily join you :-)

Debberoo said...

A thousand smakeroos for charity, OMG go you with your awesomeness!

Goody said...

Great job on the fundraising!
Like everyone else, I don't think you look drab or boring (just looked down at my own black poloneck and grey wool skirt being worn today)and that patchwork bag is bright and cheerful.

Hope you're feeling better soon, and have a great weekend. You may not feel great, but you look it (hair, as always perfection).

Ivy Black said...

Ooh take it easy petal....this years lurgy is a nasty bastard. I recommend lots of rest, crap tv and a bit of goose fat rubbed on the chest. Not your necessarily!
You don't look drab at all. I don't think you could be drab dressed head to toe in griege. Great scores and I love the patchwork bag.
Have a lovely weekend and feel better soon. xxxx

Mother of Reinvention said...

Don't know about the folk music but I too am welcoming the weekend with open arms. That is amazing that you have raised so much money, especially with the dresses that they would have put in the bin. I am sure that the Hospice is so glad to have you there. You have a great eye for a frock.

You far look too fabulous to be called "neutral" even if you were in grey (which you would look fabulous in, natch). I am in serious lust with your furry jacket. It is gorgeous. I am also in agreeance with your friend Vix about colour after my neighbours gave be a bin bag filled with vintage beaded saris. If they were my size I would wear them to work. Hope you get over the gunk! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Way to go you raising $1000, I'm sure it feels good to know that you're helping in such a significant way. I'm sorry to hear you're unwell I hope the lurgy passes quickly. You look far from boring in neutrals you have wonderful styling and flare, I really like denim dress by the way.

Lesley Extance said...

Hope you feel better soon Curtise , I like both your outfits and I do not think they are boring at all !!!, I am so in love with your bags , have a good weekend and best wishes xxx

Kezzie said...

I think you were the best thing to happen to the hospice!!! Poor you with the lurgy. I have a lingering cold and started to develop a whistle on my chest yesterday which doesn't bode well! Still, I'm fairly chipper!
You STILL look wonderful despite lack of bright colours- you exude life even without it!x

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Wehey! A thousand pounds! Well done you! By jove you're good a this. Vix will be snapping you up as her apprentice at this rate.
Never boring, always stylish Curtise, glamour triumphs over phlegm. Have a blissful weekend. xxxx

Virginia at A Sewing Life said...

A thousand pounds is quite the contribution to the hospice--I am terribly impressed (though not the tiniest bit surprised). So sorry about your cold. I must say, you look radiant nevertheless. Love that patchwork bag so much!

Liz said...

Hope you feel better soon - I'm just recovering so know how you feel! Love that bag.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Natalia Lialina said...

First of all, get well soon! Have some good rest, good Chinese food and good loving people around you! It helps! :)

Vix's enthusiasm and passion for life-in-color is absolutely contagious! As someone who adores her so much, I can attest it is not easy to not think of her while wearing neutrals. :)) Nevertheless, my soul is for inclusion - not for exclusion. I'm very much for expanding and trying new things, colors, combinations, experiences and all. Neutrals included. So yes, I love neutrals - and I adore your outfits! The denim dress is such a dream, and paired with the leo fur coat it's delightful! I wish I can find a denim dress at a thrift shop - not a big chance in my size, but I'll keep dreaming... Another great find is your Levi's jacket. I would like to find a light blue denim jacket and try to keep my hands in pockets while shopping in regular shops.

Your charity shop stories are always fun to read. But of course you are bonkers! It's the only way to be, isn't it?

I'm off to read Vix's colorful post now!

Much love xxxx

Natalia Lialina said...

I only now, at a second glance, noticed that tiny bird necklace! How charming!!! I also love your bags and the blouse under the denim dress - fun, sexy and innocent all at once.

Laurie Duncan said...

Sorry you have a cold, but you look great none the less. There is nothing like a good denim jacket, they are so versatile! I love mine, and will be wearing it again soon hopefully. I could uses your leopard coat, it is so cold here! :)

kobieta niewidzialna said...

Your denim dress is my number one, great look :)

Suzanne Carillo said...

Congrats on selling all that for the shop! You could have been rolling in dough by now woman. LOL I'm sure you thought of that already. Seriously though, it is damn impressive.

That orange pencil skirt caught my eye, but thankfully it's not my size.

LOVE the jean dress layered up.

Hope you're feeling better soon!


freckleface said...

Bless you, feeling poorly. It's horrible, hope your little tribe is taking good care of you. Thank goodness it's the weekend and hopefully you can take it easy. You never look boring. You've taken a wardrobe staple (denim) and given it a Curtise twist, and suddenly it's all sophisticated and elegant and chic at the same time. I really like the long sleeved shirt underneath the dress which is open to the waist, really nice styling. Oh my goodness, A THOUSAND POUNDS?! That's a jaw dropping sum! When are you setting your vintage clothing business up?! xxxxxx

Northern mum down South said...

Hope you feel better soon. A Chinese and some folk music in good company should help with that. Looking lovely despite your cold. And a fabulous achievement raising £1000 for the hospice. How satisfying that must be - well done bonkers lady. xx

Patti said...

I hope you're much better soon - that phlegm is so dreary, innit? I don't think you look the least bit boring (nor could you!) and I adore a long lurex skirt. How lovely too, that you and Claudia can share the goods. Have a great weekend, and rest up, xox.

Fiona said...

Sorry to hear you are full of snot love, hope you haven't got that pig of a 100 day cough that I had. Not boring at all I say, I think you look like a foxy film star in your faux fur and shades. Love the way you styled the denim frock with that rather lovely print blouse and what a groovy patchwork bag..have we seen it before? Fantastic sum of money you've raised for the hospice, surely you've convinced your fellow volunteers about vintage now? Hope you have a superb weekend. xxx

Shawna McComber said...

Your hair looks great though I do love a beret on you which requires covering up that fabulous hair. Of course, I love the long skirt and denim jacket and the long skirt and vest combinations. While bright colours suit you well I do not have an objection to neutrals. I hope you get over the lurgy soon! Old boots and phlegm is a very disturbing image. xoxo

Melanie said...

Where did you get the idea that brilliant blue doesn't qualify as colour? And everyone knows that even the greigiest beige is not a neutral if it has LUREX in it!
I'm glad you are getting razzing (do you use that word there?) at the shop as everyone falls into the comfort zone. Your hair looks great - nothing like pampering to feel good, even when you feel bad. I hope you are well SOON!

Melanie said...

I don't ordinarily like denim, but I'm liking that dress you're wearing, you look great! I used to have a denim circle skirt :) Doesn't red and blue go well together, I loved wearing blue scarves against my hair when it was red. Your hair looks fab!

I hope you feel better and enjoy your weekend. Mine will involve some classic 1980's films I think, I have Innerspace and Young Guns recorded from last weekend xxx

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Both cut and the color of that denim dress are absolutely beutiful. And the patchwork handbag!

Olga Rani said...

Your denim's shade of blue is rather bright, and the bags are enough colourful too, so I would not say there is any lack of colour in your neutrals. Nice combinations!

Anonymous said...

You look so young in these photos. What have you done to yourself? ;)
Love that cropped fur jacket and you don't look boring one bit! I'm not sure what it is about me but I just don't wear color very much. I think it feels too powerful for me when I have too much of it on. Hmmmm maybe I need to go to counseling. ha!

thorne garnet said...

both purses and just the right pop of color. Don't know which one I like best.

Three cheers for making so much money for the charity shop!

Bobbi said...

Love the denim dress! You look comfortable and cool. And an outfit of lurex, denim, and waistcoat all at once is So Curtise!
I'm glad you said that the maxi dress that was donated was too small for you or I would have sold my car (or something) to buy it - but I'm bigger than you, I think, so my ride is safe.
I hope you feel better soon!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Darling Curtise,

A rhapsody in blue. Boring.....not a bit of it. The bright blue positively shines out from the screen and, coupled with the faux fur and beret, well, that is pure Curtise. Fun, youthful, striking, definitely different and just a touch of naughtiness. You are the best advertisement that the charity shop could have about how to make its goods fly off the rails in the name of cheap chic. Fabulous.

We are so sorry that you continue to be unwell. We were ill for positively months before Christmas with hacking coughs that simply would not go. It is all so energy sapping. So, put your feet up, and relax. You deserve it!

mondoagogo said...

Hope your Chinese food is chocka with garlic and ginger; they're good for shifting colds....

I love that patchwork bag. And a thousand quid is not to be sniffed at!

My weekend is quiet as usual, I'm watching Valley of the Dolls at the moment (one of my absolute favourite films)

Miss Magpie said...

Boo, I'm sorry to hear you have caught a nasty cold. I advise lots of whiskey/gin/rum toddy's and bed rest.

Well done you on the £1000 that's incredible no wonder you got a mention in dispatches!

Porcelina said...

Get well soon! You're still looking fabulous in those 'neutrals'. And good effort on the funds raising, well done lady!

The Vintage Knitter said...

Hope that you're starting to feel better and congrats for raising all that money; now wonder they're pleased with you!

My denim jacket is starting to make an appearance this year too, now its getting a bit warmer.

Sue said...

Hope you kick the lurgey in the bum real fast!! Summer is heading your way very soon, hold on to that thought.

Beth Waltz said...

Congratulations, Curtise, on your fundraising achievement for a worthy cause! Let's hope the recognition you receive will help alleviate the blah's that accompany this season's nasty bug.
(Steaming Chinese hot-and-sour soup is also prescribed!)

Surely those brilliant blues must count as colors! They're so loud, they're positively operatic.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Definitely not boring … never boring :0)

Mrs Bertimus said...

How can you ever think that your fashion is boring!?!
And a big congrats on your £1000! X

Forest City Fashionista said...

I hope that nasty virus is short-lived and you're feeling your old cantankerous self soon!! I'm glad to hear the charity shop realizes what a gem you are, raising all that loot for the hospice. Way to go!

I like the denim dress and leopard coat very much. The shapes suit you, and a blue beret is icing on the cake.

Winter Moon said...

I always love your outfits, and you find so many gorgeous things!

That leather block-pattern bag is just gorgeous!

I hope you've had a brilliant weekend! xx

Winter Moon said...

By the way, I hope you feel better soon! ♥

peaches mcginty said...

Oh no! the blooming lurgy, I hope you are feeling better and kicking it's arse, if not I hope you are having a medicinal whiskey toddy or four - well done on the massive £1000 for the hospice! bloody brilliant achievement! You are, as ever, splendidly dressed! I'm smitten with the denim dress and blouse underneath, and the patchwork bag and everything else, boring? nope, absolutely not - now must dash, the kittens are very naughty, Jaffa has pulled a stitch out and I'm on wound watch x x x

Linda said...

That is fantastic about the fundraising. Your outfits are lovely!

The Style Crone said...

You? Boring? Never!!!!!! Not a word that would ever used to describe you. You look fabulous in denim and "the blues." The leopard print jacket is a beautiful touch. Thank you for sharing your blue beret with Hat Attack.

Congratulations for raising funds for the hospice!!! Your skills and passion have contributed so much to a great cause. I'm impressed!

Helga said...

Crap, having my home internet on the blink means I've missed loads. I was home with the lurgy-SNAP! Bloody 'orrible it was too, so am sad to hear you have also had it. Mine was (is, still getting over it) pre season, yours was post season, and never the twain shall meet. You looked way more fabularse than I did throughout, however! Hope you're all better now!