Thursday, 30 October 2014

Hit the north

Never mind mists and mellow fruitfulness, autumn brings half term; season of lie-ins, and a trip to the north east.

And velvet maxis, some small compensation for the nights drawing in.

Here's Uncle Gary (the old ham) laden with luggage and my children, heading for Newcastle last Saturday.

By the next day, Nina ended up in A&E (for antibiotics - yet another skin infection) and Owen had managed to fall in the lake in Leazes Park.


But look - all is well, despite the Biggest Bandage in the World, and a dousing.

And breathing in the sea air at Tynemouth Long Sands is always therapeutic.

The Grand Hotel, built in 1872 by the Duke of Northumberland as a summer residence. 

Famous guests include Laurel and Hardy, who stayed here when they were playing at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle. 
Stan Laurel spent some of his youth in the local area and attended school in Tynemouth.

The ruins of Tynemouth Castle and Priory. 

The decorative Victorian ironwork at the metro station has been refurbished, and looks wonderful.

How funny that my girls look more like my sister than me.  

The kids love spending time with Sabena and Gary.

And I am quite happy to admit that I appreciate having a couple of days without them!

 It's nearly time for Hat Attack over at Judith's, and I am ready and waiting.

1970s Dereta velvet maxi skirt and ankle boots - Ebay
1970s sheer blouse, bangles, necklace and hat - charity shopped
1950s tapestry bag - vintage shop in Birmingham
Belt - retail (sale)

Tomorrow, we'll be avoiding the trick or treaters as usual by going out, because we're arsey like that.

See you all soon!


Vix said...

Oooh, I do love The Fall!
That's one bostin' outfit, lass. Love that blouse and skirt combo. You look gorgeous.
What a beautiful place Tynemouth looks, grumpy Queen Vic, the fancy railway station and the man behind the biscuit.
Owen in the pond, Nina and her poor skin and Claud looking more grown up by the minute. Half-term's flown, hasn't it?
We'll be padlocking the gate at dusk tomorrow. there were some kids being dragged round 'Spoons with a bucket and masks on Monday, is nowhere sacred?
Love you! xxxxxxx

beate grigutsch said...

love the pic with uncle gary looking horrified. and he was right! ;-)
tynemouth looks like a wonderful place for some quality time - this ruins on the cliffs are beautiful romantic.....
but you curtise put it all in the shadow with your outfit! you look like a million bucks! the blouse! that hat! and velvet maxi & tapestry bag? love!

Diane said...

It's a mare looking after other peoples kids - something always goes wrong! I've never been to Tynemouth - I shall have to remedy that xxx

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

We're arsey like that too! LOL

It is true your kids look a whole lot like your sister. I get that with my nieces as well.

Lovely photos.

Your maxi and your bag are making my drool a bit.

Love the hat!


mondoagogo said...

Aww, poor Nina and her skin. I had really bad psoriasis when I was a kid, so I totally empathise. Still, Tynemouth looks lovely -- and so do you!

ArgentGal said...

Lie-ins sound lovely! Your family is beautiful and it looks like you've had a wonderful trip despite the "adventures." Fantastic outfit. I particularly like the handbag; so cheerful!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

You look gorgeous in that maxi skirt. The few days without the kids must be agreeing with you. Poor Nina, I hope she's healing quickly and gets LOTS of attention with that bandage. As for Owen falling in a lake, it's a rite of passage! I fell in a river, a sign of a good childhood. At least it's not cold out!
Have a lovely night out! xxxx

thorne garnet said...

it warms my heart to know I won't be the only one in the house with the lights out. I never can figure out where the kids come from, we don't get many, but there's only 2 that live near by.

Thank for more beautiful UK photos.

Melanie said...

Uncle Gary looks a laugh! I hope Nina is better now and Owen is none the worse for his October plunge!
Tynemouth looks very pretty and we have a similar Queen Vic statue down in Portsmouth and how beautiful that train station is! Nice to see such a place being appreciated and kept up

diaryofapennypincher said...

Ooh, velvet and ironwork in the same post? Heaven! Love that glass roof and your outfit. Is that an English Heritage managed castle, I'd have been up those ramparts in the blink of an eye!

SAM said...

I so want that bag-nothing more and my life would be complete.

Kezzie said...

Oooh, you were in Northumberland too?!?! I was there on Sunday-Tuesday!
Poor Nina, must be rotten for her. Does Aloe Vera help at all? I find that's good for skin complaints. We had a cat who had terrible skin problems and we used Aloe vera on her and it helped.
You look rather dashing in this attire- warm AND stylish is a winner!x

Sue said...

I want to come to England!!! You always take me on a fabulous historical tour and I want to come over now and get amongst it all. The beach photo is lovely, perfect for long walks by the sea. Then the ruins, wow wow wow! So nice that your children have an aunt and uncle to stay with that they enjoy being with, and you get that well deserved break.

Fiona said...

Tynemouth looks wonderful, wide sands, castle ruins and incredible ironwork at the metro station. (where were the passengers?) Uncle Gary looks a bit of a scream and the kids look like they're having a blast, despite the soaking and poor Nina's skin flare up.
I don't hold with any of that Halloween nonsense (as my nan would say) I'll be indoors with the lights off. bwahaha x

Miss Magpie said...

On all our visits to The North we still have never made it to Tynemouth, now I'm even more cross about it!

Loving the velvet maxi.

Asparagus Pea said...

Mr Asparagus Pea likes to answer the door with arubber werewolf hand - I am a miserable cow and refuse to do it. This year I win because he's in London - takeaway in the back room it is then xxx

Laurie Duncan said...

The velvet skirt is so gorgeous! Esp. with that blouse. And the tapestry bag is a stunner too! :)

Krista Gassib said...

This outfit is so rich with texture and patterns I love it Curtise. Perfect for well anything! I think its so cool the kids have an Aunt and Uncle that love spending time with them and you do deserve a breather.

I love when you show us ruins and these are breathtaking. Two things I adore about the UK usually are on your blog, ruins and kick ass architecture. Can you image the blogger photo sessions we could have with you me and the gals and these ruins! EPIC!

I will be celebrating Halloween but it won't be by handing out candy. Pictures to come :)

Beth Waltz said...

Curtise, I do covet that velvet maxi and that tapestry bag! I've exactly the right shade of rosy suede boots to wear with them...

Goody said...

If you fell in a pond around here, you'd come OUT of it with a skin condition. Glad to hear the kids managed to have a nice visit anyway, and they'll have plenty to tell their friends about when they get home.

I can understand not wanting to do the Halloween stuff (I grudgingly baked a barmbrack today and made everyone leave the room so they wouldn't know where in the loaf the charms are hidden)but I'm stuck with it and might as well make the best of it. Most parents here are too fearful to let the kids trick or treat anyway (last year I had a grand total of two) and they go to supervised parties instead. Less eggs and toilet tissue to clean off the lawn, but it does seem sad that the children miss out on unsupervised fun because the parents have all gone mad. *Shrug* I'd send them all back to 1970 in a time machine if I could, just to experience the freedom we took for granted.

A velvet maxi and a beautiful handbag-there's no better look for the season-and you look like a glowing goddess of autumn colour. I just love the floral on floral look-and you have managed it so very well.

Northern mum down South said...

Looks like the kids had a fab trip up North, despite trips to A&E and unscheduled soakings.
Have to agree with Goody you do look like a glowing Goddess of autumn colour xx

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said... your defense, Hallowe'en does have the audacity to fall on a Friday night. How could you NOT go out?! Are you dressing up?

Although Uncle Gary looks good with his pink accessory, it's your needlework handbag that I most covet! It's a treasure!

Thanks for sharing the photos....the beach looks like a beautiful bit of coastline. I recently saw a television documentary on the east coast of England. I found it very interesting. Living here in the colonies, we hear mostly about London, the south coast, and not too much else.

Oh and before I forget, seeing the hotel photo, makes me think of Fawlty Towers!

Connie said...

You are looking quite long lean and elegant in your velvet maxi. And that bag is really something. It's nice to get rid of the kids once in a while so you can spread your wings. Gosh the girls do look like your sister though your son is definitely yours. I recognize that mischievous look.

Jazzy Jack said...

Beautiful mixed prints! And velvet to boot...ha ha!
I love the poised pose in a hat waiting to explode on poor Judith :-D
I love people with a sense of humour. What bricks your rellies are.
Our nights are becoming longer as yours draw in. Tonight we rejected eating on the deck, because it's too hot! At 7pm. Only the middle of Spring and 30 deg today!
Enjoy your cool. Xo JJ

Kelly Jackson said...

Beautiful outfit, Curtise, you are so very gorg in it. The velvet maxi is just lush. Glad your kids are enjoying half- term and that you are too. The weather is so lovely too! Now that we have a little 'un we'll be opening our doors to Trick or Treaters tonight for a short time - Adam will wear his costume and give out treats. Have a good one! Xoxo

freckleface said...

Yes to the outfit, you look about six feet tall in that amazing velvet skirt and blouse combo. I bet the house goes very quiet when your three go away for a couple of days! Poor little Nina and Owen. They look like they just got on with it though. Now you mention it, you're right about the girls and your sis, but I can definitely see you in Owen. Looks like you all had another lovely trip up north. Your sis and her hubby are just brilliant. I'm rather partial to trick or treaters, i like all the costumes and the aura of pride and excitement they give off, particularly the little ones, but actually I'm off out for impromptu cocktails with my team from work. We feel we need them! Xxxxxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

How wonderful to have a couple of days child free, and what a treat for the kids too. You have such gorgeous architecture and scenery over there. Oh how I envy the seasons you have. We have gone straight to summer and I'm feeling the worse for it too. Glorious skirt and I adore that bag too. Xx

Winter Moon said...

Looking gorgeous! I LOVE the velvet maxi and bag.

Glad your children are fine now! I hope they had fun on their travels.

Metro station looks bloody lovely!

Happy Halloween! ♥ xx

Patti said...

Whoa - look how gorgeous you are! Love that bag too. Sorry about the kids' mishaps and skin troubles, but you're right- they look fresh and festive again. Sorry I haven't commented much while in NYC, but I've been wishing you were here to sample the vintage goods. xox

Debberoo said...

I've been most put out by your lack of posts during half term (which we don't get here) but this post makes up for it.

Poor N, feel for her so much. Would have loved to see O's fall into the deep, glad he surfaced safe and sound.

Cracks me up how much they look like your sister, so funny how these genes thingys work.

You are sooooooooooo lucky to have such fabulous Aunts and Uncles for your children xxx

susanjmb said...

What a FABULOUS mix of patterns...a nod to the fallen leaves with their various colors and shapes!

Olga Rani said...

What a beautiful skirt! And what a beautiful blouse! Look great together. It was interesting to see the place's photographs...Mmm, I wish I could breathe in some sea air right now...

Bobbi said...

The velvet skirt and sheer blouse look great on you!
A couple kid-free days is always nice. I can totally relate!

Natalia Lialina said...

Trick or treat!! :)
There are always treats here on your blog, Curtise! I can only imagine how worried you were hearing about your kids' misadventures, though they do look so happy on photos, and it all sounds like one of Astrid Lindgren's stories when you write about it. :) I hope you enjoy your time by yourself! You look gorgeous, I adore the pattern mixing and all the rich textures here. As always, I admire the photo collages you created. England through your eyes looks such a desirable place to visit, and maybe even to live some day...

Here, if you don't turn on your porch light, trick-or-treaters won't come. Sounds fair to me. Not everyone wants a company. I'm feeling like the Halloween Grinch myself! Nevertheless, Happy Halloween to you and yours! xxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

My, don't you look posh!! The skirt fits you like a dream. It is a bit strange that the kids look more like your sis than you. It's nice they get to spend time with their aunt and uncle, despite the infection and the dunking. There's nothing wrong with admitting you relish some time away from them.

I will be home this evening handing out treats in my witch costume. I was tempted to be "arsey" like you, I'm too tired to go out ;)

Jean at said...

You look magnificent in your fall colors and velvet!! Perfect against the backdrop of your lovely back yard.

I always go crazy when you post your amazing travel pictures, and I'm desperate to visit!! I love the grey skies and architecture, the sweep of the coastline and old statues.

Your children are growing beautifully! So much joy and hilarity there (some in retrospect) including tumbles and bandages. And of course, some time apart benefits everyone. :-)

LOVE YOU. Happy Halloween. XXOO

silvergirl said...

Uncle Gary is cracking me up in that 1st picture

Angels have Red Hair said...

Ain't that the truth ... we love our kids to bits ... but sometimes ... just every now and then ... we love it when they go away ;0)

Mrs Bertimus said...

I'm so glad your kids are ok now. It looks like they had a ball.
I too spent some time home alone....its dreadful isn't it, a tidy house, time to do your own thing....simply dreadful x

señora Allnut said...

such a gorgeous skirt and fabulous outfit!!, and love your architecture pics, those victorian buildings!!

Ripple Dandelion said...

Oh my, a couple of days sans child(ren) sounds just about perfect right now! How great that your children and your sister and brother-in-law all enjoy spending time together.

Your outfit is, if possible, even more eclectic than usual! By which I mean there is more creative tension between the individual pieces, which looks totally fabulous. How do you do it?

Lesley Extance said...

Wonderful pictures so interesting !, love your outfit Curtise you looked so trendy with the hat and of course i'm in love with your bag, have a good weekend xxx

Tamera Beardsley said...

How wonderful to see you my dear! I have missed you .. and thought often of you!

Such a truly beautiful post … savoring it felt like a mini getaway!

You are look lovely as always in your fabulous maxi!

Hugs to you and yours from SoCal!


Veshoevius said...

Must admit I'm a bit of grouch about halloween too and hide from the trick or treaters or go out. Love your velvet maxi!

The Style Crone said...

Pattern mixing by a pro!!! The velvet maxi looks delicious with the sheer blouse and the tapestry bag, and the hat tops the ensemble off with perfection. Thanks for sharing with Hat Attack!

I always enjoy your family adventures and photos of your beautiful surroundings. I think some time alone makes a more effective parent. Enjoy!

The Vintage Knitter said...

Great photos, especially of all that Victorian ironwork - I like things like that too! Loving the maxi skirt and bag especially - perfect for autumn :-) x

Fanny Love said...

Hi Curtise,

Gorgeous outfit and I love the accessories, especially the bangles and bag.

What a wonderful trip you had to Tynemouth. Beautiful children and I liked the touch of Victoriana.

Fanny xx

kobieta niewidzialna said...

I love your bag, is wonderful. Best

peaches mcginty said...

Hehe! my parents have put off the kids sleepover for about 12 months, seriously! not even heavy guilt gets us a night off, honestly these babyboomers!! phew though! poor Nina and Owen, but all had lot's of fun in the end and you got some valuable Mama time - the gene pool is a wonderful thing, I love how families resemble each other and I love how flipping fabulous your outfit is, you look as gorgeous as ever in this textured, beautifully patterned ensemble, you model a trilby to perfection!! x x x

Helga said...

Hahaha, it WOULD happen that poor Nina would end up on nasty drugs and poor Owen would fall in a lake whilst in Uncle Gary's care!!! O dear! There is a great deal of sisterly resemblance..I've been pondering that same sort of thing, looking at the similarities between my half siblings and I, and our Mother and her relatives. Interesting stiuff, genetics.
Jeez, I love that castle! I would look splendid prancing about in such a grand building. Frocked up appropriately, of course. Speaking of which, how beautiful is your velvet maxi?! Mmm, it looks quite touchable in the pix. Wish you wouldn't torture me with that damnded handbag,though. It's cruel.
I rather appreciate The Grand Hotel, too, for all that I have little appreciation of Laurel and Hardy, they certainly had good taste in places to stay! I think I'd look pretty bloody awesome there, too.

Catherine said...

all those floral prints! that skirt is fab!!

Trees said...

I love seeing all your photos around different parts of the UK - it always looks so old and interesting! I love that maxi skirt - perfect for autumn, in fact its ALMOST enough to wish it was autumn here rather than spring - ALMOST!