Wednesday, 13 August 2014

I was into yin and yang and Hatha yoga, ginseng and caraway seeds, and being a non-smoker

So far, I'm liking this week, despite the madly unpredictable weather, sewing conundrums, a dodgy haircut, and a cat who chose to be sick on the kitchen work surface.


But I am rising above such tribulations, because these have arrived;

and I am just as excited as can be.


I am practicing my interpretive dance as we speak, inspired by Pamela Stephenson and Noel Fielding, and of course, La Bush herself.


 In other news, look what Goody sent all the way from Omaha, Nebraska.

Tattoo tights!

And Dr Pepper sweets for the kids. She wasn't convinced they'd go down well, but they did.

Owen's just hamming it up for the camera, honest.

Look at his hair; it needed a cut, but he'd been growing it so his pesky double crown didn't create a sticky-up tuft. Off we went to the barber's, where I asked him to keep the length, but thin it out, and tidy it up a bit.

Which isn't quite how it panned out...

Any passing resemblance to Paul Weller, circa 1979, is entirely accidental.

Or indeed Paul Weller, 2014.

Oh well, I'll just get the boy a suit and he can embrace his inner Mod.

I've got a refashioning dilemma; perhaps you can help?

I needed to take in the bodice of this gorgeous 1960-70s maxi dress, and decided I would do it properly and remove the sleeves first. Then I thought I would shorten them. Then I wondered about leaving the dress sleeveless. 

What do you think? Sleeve (elbow length? shorter?) or no sleeve?

Love these shoes!

Desigual t-shirt, 1970s platforms, belt, necklace and bangles - charity shopped
Patchwork maxi skirt - gift from Emma Kate

The tote bag was a handmade gift from my friend Sue's delightful teenage daughter.

She was keen to start sewing, so I guided her through making a skirt from a vintage pattern, and then showed her how to make a reversible tote bag. I know - the notion that I can teach anyone about sewing is a bit of a joke, but skill is relative, isn't it? She used some of my vintage fabric to make a bag for herself, but then made this one for me with fabric from her mum's stash.

Isn't that lovely? She's done a great job too. 

Charlie is quite le chat sportif. 

Anyone for Swingball or scootering?

Wills was watching from a safe height; her expression of infinite disdain speaks volumes.

Look at this wonderful mural, on an end terrace house just near our corner shop.

I think it's beautiful.

Great tits.

Oh stop sniggering at the back. 

Smug face? 
Might be.
I'm going to see Kate Bush!



diaryofapennypincher said...

So jealous that you have Kate Bush tickets! Love the patchwork skirt and 70's platforms (I'm drooling over those shoes!) plus tee shirt outfit. Sorry, can't help with the sleeve/no sleeve dilemma, both look fine to me!

mondoagogo said...

Oh I love those ruddy great tits on a wall! I vote no sleeves. And mods are very cool, I should know, two of my best boyfriends were mods (never mind that vintage clothes shopping with them took *forever* while they searched for the perfect three-button two-vent suits...) You could make a calendar of Charlie-cat poses :)

Jazzy Jack said...

I think the no sleeves might just edge out the sleeves. But it's a close run thing. Those massive birds on the wall! They look cute but huge!
Your skirt reminds me of one I had as a girl, with all my favourite fabrics. I used to sit in church and remember all the dresses Mum had made.
Owen's hair is rather modish. Instructing hairdressers is difficult at the best of times, but doing it for my kids when I have only an inkling of what they want is madness. But it does seem to me like the hairdresser didn't really listen to you!
Oh well, hair grows :-) XO JJ

Patti said...

I thought Keith Moon at first sight of Owen's haircut - and that's not a bad thing at all - great hair! I vote sleeveless on the lovely dress, and you look gorge. Gorgeous tits too! And I love a disdainful cat face, they do it so well. xoxo

Ivy Black said...

Get in , pet! I'm doing my Kate inspired happy dance for your ticket arrival....think Wow only more of my tits. Talking of tits, I want that mural on the side of my house. It's fantastic. I may do something similar as I'm sure Winchester City Council would love it too.
Beautiful frock. Without sleeves I reckon. I do love that patchwork skirt and those shoes too. Love a bit of Mr Weller too given the chance. Your lads hair looks properly cool. I reckon he's rock the mod look.
Can't wait to see you in yer tattoo tights.
Loves ya.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous, I love Kate Bush. I have a Pandora music station dedicated to her and like sounds. Lucky pup!
Will I be seeing your pussy at Wimbleton?? LOL
The fabric of that dress you're altering is fantastic! I'd leave it sleeveless if I were you. It looks fresher that way and no doubt easier to wear a jacket or sweater over the top. The bell sleeves are hard to stuff into more sleeves.

Have a great time at the show! What will you wear??? Perhaps that purple crochet dress with black accessories?

Sheila said...

I say go sleeveless. You have great arms!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Wow Kate Bush tickets! Lucky you- I remember listening to her a lot in the 80s -
Do you think she might come to Montreal? We should be that lucky, Ha!
I love your son's haircut, très mod indeed and ya i can see him a mod suit, why not?
About the dress i think it looks better without sleeves -
Your patchwork maxi is a dream girl! The tee you paired with the skirt is perfect, i couldn't have chose better myself!

Le chat sportif is precious!

Take care


beate grigutsch said...

without the sleeves! much younger! and with the drapery and rose on the bodice there is already enough going on! the sleeves make it stuffy in my book....
(use bias strips on the inside to clean the armhole up)
have big kate bush envy!!!!!! meeh!
as always - your kids and cats are adorable. and i´m sure you´r a great teacher, in sewing or in all the other things.........

thorne garnet said...

sleeveless. keep the sleeves and make something out of them.

Krista Gassib said...

Congrats on scoring the Kate Bush tickets, you will ride that high for a while as I know how much you love her! You are bright in that maxi and so right about those sexy shoes, meow!
Owen with his funny face and all is a handsome dude!I adore his hair cut oh yes do find him a vintage suit how fun would that be.....for us :)
I adore the new frock you are fixing and I think it looks great either way! Can we trade cats? I think your bunch is a lot sweeter than mice, I think I have a crush on Wills, I can relate to disdain!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

How fab to see the great Bush in concert ; )

I like it sleeveless.

Those shoes are so mod and so are your toes.


Caroline said...

My tickets arrived too! I'm going on the 23rd. Are you wearing a Babooshka outfit? It's the most exciting thing ever.

I'm going to say no sleeves.


Asparagus Pea said...

Sleeveless - hot! x

freckleface said...

I may be a lone voice in the wilderness but I love it WITH the sleeves. All the way to the elbow. It is such a beautiful dress and for me the sleeves make even more of a statement, they are so unusual. Great tits! I AM sniggering at the back, but really that is one of the nicest murals I have ever seen. Check you out, Miss Monk, sewing teacher! Is that in the Domestic Science department? You'll be making muffins next. And ironing socks. Move over Nigella, there's a hot new redhead on the scene. Love Owen's new haircut, it's supercute! Xxxxx

Val S said...

Pussies and tits in the same post! Oh, the search engines will be roaring!

I don't know what you mean by a dodgy haircut - your hair is lush and luscious, and Owen's hair is too cool for skool. I love that cut - I wonder if I could do that with mine.

Go sleeveless. I bet you have the perfect cardi to go with the dress if you need it.

Goody said...

I'm glad no one spat out the candy ;)

Sleeves are limiting because you never can shove them adequately into the jacket you want, so unless they are exceptionally important to the overall line of the dress, I'd remove them. You could probably piece together a belt and matching evening bag from the leftover fabric.

Danny always specifically tells his hairdresser to give him , "Rockstar hair" which she interprets as not cutting much save for a bit at the front. She's been doing his hair for years, so there aren't any surprises. You were lucky, the hairdresser could have been into punk ;) Poor kid, but it really does look cute, and you could do a whole hell of a lot worse than Mod.

señora Allnut said...

First, love your patchwork skirt, it's magnificent and colorful and hippietastic!!, and love your t-shirt too!! And your shoes deserve to be loved, because they're cool!!!
And I would love to watch you in your interpretative dance moment!! mwahaha! Glad you're going to enjoy some music!
Always fabulous to see what caught your eye when walking around, that mural is awesome!. You make everything look very interesting!
besos & music

kobieta niewidzialna said...

I think - skirt shorter will be better - but your green dress is amazing. Greetings :) (very funny post)

Mrs Bertimus said...

Oooo Kate Bush!
I have given this very serious consideration, I think the one sleeve asymmetrical look would be most befitting the attendance of said Kate's concert.

Laurie Duncan said...

I would say shorter sleeves or none! And you know I love that patchwork skirt! :)

Northern mum down South said...

And I love the Desigual t shirt. That green frock is lovely too, I vote for no sleeves. Well done on the Kate Bush tickets, that will be a fab night out. xx

Debberoo said...

love the tits! OMG Seldom Seen's hair was so fabulous he didn't need it cutting, however, if anyone can carry off the a Paul Weller hair cut its SS.

Angels have Red Hair said...

Ok I'm going to be all contrary here and go against public opinion. I think you should keep the sleeves. The sleeves make it special, they're a statement sleeve!!
Without them it could just be a pretty dress from any era ... with them the 60's is well and truly celebrated. I LOVE the sleeve!!
Great tits too ;0)

Anonymous said...

Outfit, cats, tits, Kate B, sleeves...where to start?
Outfit - adorable
Cats - ditto
Tits - ditto
Kate B - still adorable
Sleeves - adorable with or without

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Bleedin' 'eck first you assault my eyes with the nirvana of patchwork maxi skirts and my favourite-ever shoes, then you show off KB tickets? You're so lucky to have scored them and I cannot WAIT to live the concert through your eyes. Puss antics are wonderful until someone pukes up on the kitchen bench eh? Heehee! Owen has such a beautiful mop of hair and like I'm reminding myself every time I look in the mirror, it grows. Paul Weller's looking fantastic, way better looking than when he was younger and I think I want his hair! The frock you're working on is utterly spectacular with it's lovely folded rose gracing the bodice, while the green fabric has me swooning. I'm in two minds about the sleeves because I love the existing sleeve shape, it's very elegant and when I'm in love with a print, I just want more, more, more of it to gaze at and fondle. xoxoxox

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Oh Curtise, I just love you to bits!

ArgentGal said...

Oh my! Who wouldn't love those shoes? And the dragonfly t-shirt! That is a stunning mural. Nice tits indeed! Personally, I prefer sleeves on my dresses but I could see shortening them a bit. Maybe just half way down your upper arm?

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Oh my God, Kate Bush! That takes me back to high school! Lucky you, seeing her in concert! (sorry about the exclamation marks, but I'm decidedly animated about the whole concert thing!

I actually quite love the dress without sleeves. If you choose sleeveless, are you okay with how to finish the armhole?

I agree, very pretty tits on the secret...I have a grade school boy's sense of humour. My bad.

And bravo to you, for encouraging another seamstress!

Kylie said...

I'd keep the sleeves if it was mine - I'm all for sleevage, but then my upper arms are like one of the desk toys with the balls - you know, you give one a push and momentum takes over and they all start swaying to and fro. Not a good look as far as arms go!
I got my sewing mojo back on the weekend. I made a frock for a friend and a cushion cover from a vintage tea towel for another. My first. It had a zip (it's been a while between zips and it gave me the gyps!) I had The Jam blasting on the stereo while I was sewing. I really like Owen's hair, because I liked (and still do) Paul's hair too.
Crappy comment - sorry Curtise x

Kezzie said...

No sleeves, methinks.
Ah the patchwork is super!!! Wish I hadn't got rid of my vintage patchwork dress/skirt. ALBEIT, it was a lot more boring.

Those tits are fab!!!! Clever person who did them. The tights sound intriguing, I look forward to you modelling them. X

Sue said...

God I love where you live, nothing like a pair of gorgeous tits on a wall to brighten up your day! Your cats are gorgeous too. Now the dress, I like it with out the sleeves, then again the sleeves are quite nice, so no help really am I. Oh and buy the son a suit!

Fiona said...

What fine tits, aren't they huge?
Loving Owen's do, I reckon it's cool (or whatever the phrase is now...epic???) As for the sleeves, I say keep em, I think they scream sixties, although I can understand the problem you would have stuffing them into a cardi or jacket.
Get you! Giving sewing tuition and all, I hope you pressed those seams! xxx

Carina Rosenholm said...

oh what luck to get to se Kate B!
And i kind of like the sleeves...
Im always reading your post but i still cant leave comments when im reading on the tablet.
hugs !

Beth Waltz said...

Big sleeves are a nuisance at a restaurant table, so I vote sleeveless. Would the sleeves furnish sufficient material to create a stole? Perhaps edging a vibrant blue center panel to pull in the colors of the shoes?

Skritches to Charlie and Wills. Nobody does disdainful like a tabby watching a tom goof off!

Forest City Fashionista said...

And smug you should well be, scoring KB tickets!! I'm curious as to how she's holding up these days. I loved her wild dancing and I think you should post a video of your own interpretive dance ;)

I think the dress looks more modern without the sleeves, and as others have pointed out, it will be easier to layer a denim jacket over it without them. Kudos to you for taking them off to do the alterations, you really are becoming a sewing whiz! Perhaps you could give me lessons?

Those are lovely tits! I want to give Charlie a belly rub while he's languishing there with his sports equipment. Owen's haircut is very mod; he's ready for his first skinny suit!

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Just back from my hols and what a sight for sore eyes - you in the patchwork skirt!
I say go sleeveless as your arms are in great shape.
Kate Bush - I'm well jealous. xxxx

Vix said...

Owen's haircut looks cool (mind you, I don't like Kate Bush and my boyfriend's bald, so what do I know!!!)
Love the patchwork skirt and yes, still love those shoes. Jealous, moi? Yes!
No sleeves on that frock, bare those arms, baby!
Charlie looks like he's in ecstasy with the racket and Wills looks like she's on the attack, what a splendid looking cat. Cat sick seems to be on the up in this house, what's up with the dirty buggers?
Great tits indeed!
Love you! xxxxxxxxxx

The Vintage Knitter said...

Snap! My Kate Bush tickets came too this week so I know the feeling! We're going in a couple of weeks time and I can't wait!

P.S. I'd l;eave the sleeves off the frock

Miss Magpie said...

I know I am in the minority but I would keep the sleeves and shorten them a bit. I prefer it with.

I love the haircut so cool!

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Oh, so much to say, so little time.
Great you're going to see Kate Bush and friends.
Great bright patterns together! Lovely on you!
Owen looks good. I encourage the Weller do.
I know the look on Will's face. Far too well ... look at her claws.
Silly Charlie.
Pretty tits, indeed. We're all sniggering. You must know that.
Smug look well deserved.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Those Tits are blooming beautiful. Don't you just love finding beauty in unexpected places? Love that skirt on you...anything patchwork seems to float my boat lately. I really like the Mr's haircut...what does he think about it?? As for the refashioning, I like the dress sleeveless. I think you'll get more wear out of it, plus cardigans won't bunch up on the sleeve. That green fabric is incredible. Xx

susanjmb said...

You've got great bagging flesh or dimples. Go sleeveless!

svelteSTUFF said...

'Katie Lady'... OH THE MEMORIES!! So. So. JEALOUS!!!!
Go sleeveless ;-)

Catherine said...

Oh I am proper jealous of you getting to see Kate! My friend and I love her to bits and gosh that Video of Noel Fielding - what a crack! I'm loving the accidental mod hair cut. I'd really love my boy to try that cut but he's not having it. I really like your patchwork skirt too! Is it patches? Or just fabric printed like that?

Jean at said...

Delightful read, as always. I always love sleeves, so I'd vote for them. I like the one you left in place. Sleeveless is so ubiquitous that a cool sleeve just seems more interesting. But you'll look fab no matter what.

What will you wear to the concert? Inquiring minds want to know!! Sounds like fun.

Your son is definitely looking good here. :-) Trust the rest of the family is enjoying summer.

Sending love!!! XXXOOO

Mother of Reinvention said...

I say go for sleeveless. You have terrific arms and should show them off. I like the haircut, nothing wrong with looking like The Modfather. Love the painting on that house. Wish more people did things like that. It really lifts it. I am extremely green about your KB tickets. I was on 4 computers and both phones and still came away empty handed. I am sure you will be doing an interpretive dance of joy on the night. Love your bag too. What a kind gift to give, the love of sewing and a bag too! Xxxx

Trees said...

I'm pretty sure tickets to Kate Bush can cure any bad day! I love that patch work skirt and as for the frock you are altering I think sleeveless all the way. Well done you for teaching a bit of sewing, when you teach someone something new you learn you actually do know a lot more than you thought you did!

Pennyblossoms said...

Bit behind the outfit; oh, those blue shoes do look god on! What a fab gift. Well fab giftSSSS; how lovely to make you a very pretty bag.
I'm a bit 'mih' about KB even when a student the most exciting thing was that a mate had made her some earrings which she wore! I never saw the Noel Fielding snippet; my faves form those shows were Katy Brand and Robert Webb. But Pamela doing 'a Kate' was even better than the real mccoy.
I'd go sleeveless - you've got great shoulders, there's lots of detail on the front of the dress and the pattern is quite busy.
Can't beat a nice pair of tits, can you? And that little gang are rather amazing.
Great 'action shots' of the cats!