Sunday, 9 February 2014

Don't be so scared of changing and rearranging yourself

This weekend has been one of throwing up my hands, rolling my eyes, and muttering darkly about best laid plans...

It started well, with a gorgeous meal and good company at Zeugma's Turkish restaurant on Friday night, but I forgot to take photos.

And I enjoyed my trip to the hairdresser's on Saturday morning, but forgot the card and gift I had bought for Kirsty, who is about to go on maternity leave. (I'll have to pop in with it next week.)

I didn't go to St Mary's vintage fair, as it's actually happening next weekend.

I'm blaming this bloody peri-menopause for my increasingly frequent memory failures. 

And we didn't watch Life of Brian on Saturday night as arranged, since Eldest got an invite to sleep over at a friend's, and forbade us to watch it without her. Bossy madam, don't know where she gets it from.

I was looking a bit creased and crumpled by the time I got home on Saturday, but at least my hair was freshly be-Titianed and bright.

1960s mini dress - Second to None
Tights - charity shopped
Boots - Clarks' sale

But oh these are difficult weather conditions for a blogger...

...gloomy, windy and raining one minute; followed by bright sun; then blowing a gale.

And you thought I was joking about throwing up my hands in frustration!

I went for the 1960s dolly bird look again today, although the only piece of authentic 60s charm in this outfit is the handbag.
And me, of course, I'm vintage 1964.

Tunic dress, necklace and bangles - charity shopped
Kiss Me Kitty leggings - gift from Cristi
Boots - retail (sale, ancient)
Beret - gift
1960s vinyl bag - Ebay

I don't know if I'm loving the shorter length on me; I want to like it, and will defend to the death a woman's right to wear any length of dress she damn well pleases. And it's good to change and rearrange, I don't want to wear maxis or cover my knees all the time.

In my imagination, I am a carefree 60s chick, swinging down the street so fancy-free, all mile-long legs and bobbed hair.

In reality, I feel a bit more like Georgy in the book and 1966 film Georgy Girl, trying hard but not quite getting it right.

I loved the theme song so much when I was a kid (still do) that I named one of my dolls Georgy.

When I got round to watching the film later in life, I identified with the character of Georgy, played by lovely Lynn Redgrave, all clumsy awkwardness, not fitting in or measuring up.

Not many women could measure up to the gorgeousness of Charlotte Rampling as Meredith.


I recommend the film if you haven't seen it.

So the weekend's schedule might not have turned out quite as intended, the outfits might be dodgy, the photos dodgier still, and the weather's been a bugger, but that's life, no? I am hereby reserving the right to get it a bit wrong, to laugh, and then get on with it.

And comments on my blog like this one just make me snort with laughter:

Alan Abraham said...For more information on Facelift Surgery Delhi, please visit

Thanks but no thanks, Alan, but how kind of you to drop by!

I'll be linking up one of these thigh-flashing looks with Patti and friends for Visible Monday; nothing like some clashing prints and a mini for high visibility!

Do watch this clip of the film's opening sequence, it's charming and funny, and you have my permission to sing along if you like!



señora Allnut said...

dear lady, you've got a pair of magnificent legs, and it's delightful to see you wearing your mini dresses and boots (hurrah for boot twins!!), you look gorgeous wearing your pretty prints and fabulous outfits, even though the assorted sun & wind make our pics difficult to be taken!
And now I'm going to look for and watch that film!, why I've never watch it??

Bohemian said...

You've re-arranged yourself quite well and I'm definitely getting that Sixties Vibe, as I too am Vintage Hippie Girl. *Winks* Here in the Desert we can get all dolled up in Fall and Winter, but the intense Heat of Spring and Summer make you want to throw all your clothes off... but then, you'd probably get sunburned... so there's no Justice! *Smiles* And snorting with Laughter about Spam Comments is all one can do about them, they can be quite Entertaining can't they?!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Asparagus Pea said...

1964 - an excellent year! I think winter is a good time to do short skirts with woolly tights - get em out I say x

Sue said...

Your hair looks fab even when the wind blew it upwards! I am a 1962 vintage and so hear you about forgetting things. I write notes to remind myself and forget where they are or to take them with me. Epic Fail!! How kind of Alan? Only a man could do that!! You so can do short skirts, you have good pins mate.

Fiona said...

Surprised Alan didn't leave me a comment after my Picmonkey facelift failure and as another 1962 vintage I can empathize about the memory thing....I have a notebook full of lists. I adore your paisley mini, the colours are divine and I love long sleeves-just perfect for wearing a thermal vest underneath, oh yes! Never seen Georgy Girl but always sing and whistle along every time Radio 2 give it an airing. Ta for your email. xxxx

Ivy Black said...

Bloody lovely, you are. I love that colour on you and I especially like it when you flash yer pins. Love the Sixties look too. I'm getting drawn to the Sixties lately meself. I've nabbed a few nice frocks recently. 1966 vintage here.
Georgy Girl is a fab film, she's cracking in it.
Gawd bless the spam comments...I've had a few , but not as good as Alan's. I might have taken his link up and gone to have my face fashioned in to that of a young Charlotte Rampling...

Ivy Black said...

Bloody lovely, you are. I love that colour on you and I especially like it when you flash yer pins. Love the Sixties look too. I'm getting drawn to the Sixties lately meself. I've nabbed a few nice frocks recently. 1966 vintage here.
Georgy Girl is a fab film, she's cracking in it.
Gawd bless the spam comments...I've had a few , but not as good as Alan's. I might have taken his link up and gone to have my face fashioned in to that of a young Charlotte Rampling...

Helga! said...

Do you know I don;t think I HAVE seen Georgy Girl!!! I'm ashamed! On the top of the list now! Gah, Charlotte Rampling, what a BABE!
Not to mention YOU, with your sexy arse legs!!! WOOF! Both these outfits rock my world!!!!
Bloody weather down here is as nuts as yours, it seems.
My memory is all over the show too, so I am pleased I can blame it on this peri-menopause bollocks....I got shirty a few weeks ago at G about running late for a bbq at his cousins; we went racing off, got lost, finally got there and....we were a day early....I was SO embarrassed. And had to apologise to G.......o dear.
Loving YOU!

Angels have Red Hair said...

Those windy photos made me LOL.
I think you look fabulous in your minis ... so you wear your skirts at whatever length you damn well like.
I can't remember watching the movie ... But I've definitely seen that beginning ... So maybe I turned it off after the opening .... Oops.

Kezzie said...

Awesome legs and fab outfit!!!! Suits you lady!!! X

thorne garnet said...

Added Georgy Girl to my netflix list last week. I remember watching ti ages ago. Love the purple print dress,

Miss Magpie said...

Stunning hair and stunning outfits. Oh my god I haven't had facelift spam yet but it's only a matter of time.

Oh and what a fabulous taste in boots you have ;-P

Tamera Wolfe said...

Love that movie--so much 60's eye-candy!!
You are ROCKING those mini-dresses!!! Let those glorious gams out!!

Caroline said...

I forgot how much I love your blog posts. Will you have me back?

You are looking fab as always Curtise.

Diane said...

I've not watched that film in ages - I too loved the theme tune. You totally rock that 60's chick mini look - love it. Tell me about the old lady brain - it's a chuffin menace! I think we should a mini bus up to Alan's xxx

Kylie said...

I still feel like Georgy, Curtise and the older I get the more clumsy and awkward I become - so I think it's ace that you feel free/confident etc enough to show off your (lovely) legs. I am always covering up my wobblier bits (not easy in our climate) which I know (already!) is bloody stupid!
You always look beautiful whatever length of frock (or skirtage) you're wearing (rocking). And your fresh 'do' looks gorgeous.
Please give littlest a kiss from me x

Allison said...

you need to get those pins out more! is fab...your fab.....georgy is fab....we are all farkin fab! xXx

sonia said...

I've always wanted to see that film and now I REALLY want to! Must track it down. Also, love your outfits, esp. the first one... all that blue! And I really like your hair this length. Very elegant!

Patti said...

I think you look like a star in your mini and tights, and your freshly red hair is gorgeous too. I *love* that movie - I thought it was my life story (I guess more than a few of us identified with Georgy). Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xoxo.

Natalia Lialina said...

I love both of the outfits and your shorter hair, and am rapidly becoming your fan. :) Thank you for the movie recommendation, it sounds wonderful and I would love to watch it! Sincerely, Natalia

Trees said...

I love both those frocks - but especially the first one, such bright colours. I have never seen Georgy Girl, but when I watched that clip I remembered my mum singing that song when I was a kid! I know she really liked The Seekers though, maybe it was on album she had? Oh and thanks for voting for my "pattern to make in March" so far the Emery dress isn't winning - I was secretly hoping it would! But no problem - I will make it sometime. Have a good week!

Val S said...

I love your short skirts! I have just been working on adding a black section to the bottom of a top to make a tunic - and there you are giving me a perfect example of how cool I'll look when I'm done! Of course, I might have to get my hair be-Titianed also.

I never saw Georgy Girl, but that clip makes me think I should look for it at our library. I'm sure I can relate to Charlotte Rampling, I mean Lynn Redgrave.

Jean at said...

OMG I LOVE YOU!!! I'm breathless, with laughter of the empathetic kind. My first thought as I scrolled down was, "Who needs a memory when you look so fabulous?!! Let THEM remember YOU!!" I never saw the movie, although of course I remember the song, but I'm inspired to see it now. I'm guessing so many of us can relate, which is why we are so vehemently staking our style-claim now. You do look wonderful in all the minis. The patterned tights are especially wonderful, the way you style them.

Love you so much!! XXXXOOOOO

Goody said...

I like your hair, the colour and cut. Could be the wind fluffing it, but it looks like it has some height now.

I haven't seen that movie in a million years. *makes mental note to reserve it at library*

The dress seems appropriate enough with leggings. Those are fantastic leggings.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

That is so funny you mentioned that about the comment on your blog because I saw it there when I left my comment! LOL I thought, damn cheeky bastard!

The colours in both of these are gorgeous. Perfect for me in fact ; )

I had to laugh at the photo where you hair is all standing up on end. Looks like you were casting a wicked spell! LOL

Hurray for carefree chicks swinging down the street fancy free.


Olga Rani said...

I love you in mini! Having these pair of slim legs and those amazing leggings you should wear it more often. And these tunics are so beautiful thanks to their prints. Love the photo of you with all the hair up, funny! Have not seen the movie, but judging by the clip it is worth watching.

BellaBean Vintage said...

Loving the sixties mod look! You're looking delightfully well coiffed - I bet it took a lot of product to get your hair to stand on end like that ;)! xxx

Georgia Rose said...

I SO love the shorter lengths on you, and it definitely does suit you beautifully despite your doubts! Also thanks SO much for the info about Georgy Girl, I actually had no idea it was ever a movie. My parents used to sing the song to me all the time, so I thought it was just a song, haha. Am I showing my age?!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh thank the lord it's not just me. The memory thing I mean. I struggle at work, I really do. I never remember who the students are or what they want or what they've done or haven't done. I laughed at Helga's bbq incident. I did exactly the same with Jim recently. I hassled Jim in a mad panic to a jumble sale a day early. He was not a happy bunny. Bloody menopause...sick of it. Anyway, I like the shorter length on you. You always look fabularse to me. xx

freckleface said...

Do you know, I can't remember if I've seen it or not. Yep, peri-menopause all the way. I LOVE a shorter length skirt, same as you, makes me feel all young and devil-may-care. With pins like that you should be wearing them all the time. You've got the hair too, looking positively Mary Quant here, love! The thought of you rolling your eyes has just made me really laugh, I can picture you doing it and saying 'Well!'. Have a great week! xxxx

Max said...

I love short dresses, the just dont look tarty in the way an ultra short skirt can, besides your pins are made for 'em!

Sandra said...

You have excellent, hot legs! wear them dresses! (I can't do short, nothing to do with age and everything to do with wonky knock knees/stubby legs, tasty!)your hair is fab, has it been shaped differently? the fridge is my go to place for lost things, and forgetfulness is driving me crackers, the Sainsbury's food crossword causes me no end of problems, 10 minutes to remember 'escalope'! x x x

Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

I love the sixties look on you, it's perfect with your newly styled bob. Your legs look great.
I've never seen that film but I know the song. Didn't even know it was a film song. I'll certainly look out for it!

Vix said...

That was my Mum's favourite film, she insisted I read the book when I was really young and I watched the film countless times - must see it again. Blow Up's on this week but way past my bedtime!
Love you in 1960s style, faux or real, both totally rock and we get to perv at your legs. Your hair looks sublime, windswept or not. I agree with you though, love mini but feel more "me" in maxi length!
Not much better as a 66 vintage model, I spent the weekend carrying my camera about and neglected to snap anything. There's no hope!
Love ya, you Titian haired goddess! xxxxx

Beth Waltz said...

The 60s? Missing breakfast because time was needed to get the eye make-up layered properly. Remembering to put a towel on the vinyl car seat in summer so it didn't burn your bum -- those mini's rode up! Spending $$$ on panty hose because they kept getting snagged on the zips of your go-go boots.

I'm still trying to forget how I looked in lime green polyester.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Love the hair, it's not that short i think- Looks a bit shorter at the back - Nice shape, a bob with a modern twist, that's perfect for you!
I had those memory failures at the beginning of menopause, but all is better now-
Ah! oui! Georgy girl! i have seen this movie about 10 times! love the catchy tune as well- i should try and find this movie -

Looking splendid in all your vintage outfits!

Take care <


The Style Crone said...

I love the mini/tunic with leggings and boots 'look.' And you do it with sublime style. The patterned leggings are especially wonderful!

I remember "Georgy Girl" well. So much fun. However, you're the carefree chick who got it right!

Krista Gassib said...

I have to see this movie NOW I adore the opener for it Hey there Georgy Girl, I totally sang along. I can relate to the upside down kinda feeling you get sometimes. It's like you trying to catch up but to what you don't know. I can also relate heavily to the menopausal mind of ....what was I just doing or talking about?????

Curtise I do think you appear to be so comfy in your own skin and your own style, I think what happens is that most of us find we are pretty different from our local circle of friends we run with so sometimes it makes us feel like we stick out, that's why I love the blogging world. This is where we fit in just fine. I really like this second outfit a bunch, it says FECK WINTER! You are beautiful in gale force winds, sunshine and snow! Your hair looks killer too!

Emalina said...

Yes yes yes to showing off your gorgeous pins in those lovely mini dresses! I totally approve - it really suits you. Loving the colour of your Mary Quant bob too. And those leggings are totally Op Art.

Thanks so much for your kind congrats on my baby news my dear, yes taking it easy as much as I can!

silvergirl said...

loving both of these mod dressed
just so cute

Veshoevius said...

Haha! Don't you love those sorts of comments! Not!
Loving your 60's looks - especially love that dark electric blue print on the first dress! Very Pucci!
I remember the song Georgy girl and hearing it on the radio as a kid, didn't realise till now that it was the theme for a film.

La Contessa said...

Always good to re-arrange yourself!
Your hair is FANTASTIC!
Love your garden too!

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

You look really, really beautiful, and you should believe us all when we say how fab your legs are. Great look ... suitably contrarian for winter, but a treat for anyone who sees you.
Don't you love your hair the day you get it colored?
You're way too cool to thoroughly identify with Georgie, but we all did, didn't we? I remember seeing this the year it came out. I saw it at the drive-in with a perfect boy . We actually watched this move all the way through, and then ... we talked about it! My wild youth.

Sheila said...

Ooh, love ADORE both short looks - fab legs (or should I say gams?) and the freshened hair is crisp and lovely. Ah, that song! It's stuck in my head now.

Delia Ryder said...

Do you know what i have never seen that film am going to try and get a copy i love the song and know of that but now i want to see it :-) Your looking fabulous i adore your hair like that you look gorgeous. Have a good week, dee xx

Sacramento Amate said...

You are in my post today, dear Curtise.

Mrs. D said...

I've never watched that film but now I know that I must- sounds liek I'm going to fall in love with it.
Love both outfits, particularly the pattern mixing on the second - very well done!

Mrs Bertimus said...

You look FABULOUS!
You work it girl friend! X

Francesca Edesia said...

You look stunning in your new haircut, it suits you perfectly. It's the same here in day hot, sunny, next cold and windy.

Connie said...

Very very groovy! I love your hair. I love your minis. I love YOU. That facelift comment is hysterical. I mean, if I were going to get a facelift I would go directly to India!! Hell yeah! I get suggestive comments from dentists! I've been feeling very 1964 lately and Georgy Girl. Such a good movie!! You nailed the look. Hey there, Curtise Girl, thanks for planting yet another tune in me brain!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Nothing like a freshly coloured 'do and a bold patterned mini to put a bit of spring in your step (or in the air, as it may be). I think that shorter skirts really suit you, but I know that maxis are your "go-to" length. I just find minis are just so much easier to get around in, and in winter there's no way you could walk a block without the bottom of your maxi dragging in the slush.

I remember Georgy Girl, and used to love the theme song! And speaking of remembering stuff, I was having a terrible time a few months ago where I couldn't remember anything from one moment to the next, but it's better now. I don't get up from my desk and then wonder what I got up for nearly as often now ;)

Janey G said...

i love love love your hair!

Aya in Couturgatory said...

I must say I really like the length of these dresses on you (and relate to feeling uncomfortable showing some leg when you're not used to it!)

You have a great figure, and you look fantastic. I'm a big fan of short skirts and boots- in my opinion, they show off one's legs while being tasteful and strong-looking. :D

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